add each file to a separate archive         

add files to multiple separate archives at once

Create multiple separate 7Z TAR ZIP archives at once

Send each input file to distinct archive, single file per archive
Create multiple separate 7Z TAR ZIP archives at once






How to add each file to a separate archive

Create multiple archives at once

PeaZip allows a simple way to create multiple archives at once, keeping separated each input items (folder or file) into a distinct archive in the chosen format:

A) from the system you can select multiple files or folders, right click with the mouse, and chose "Add to archive" from PeaZip group in system's context menu

B) from PeaZip you can select multiple files and folders from the integrated file browser, and click on "Add" button

create separate archives

Compress each item as a separate archive
In the lower right area of the application window check first checkbox option "Add each object to a separate archive".

Fore each input row the procedure will create a separate archive, sending each input to a distinct output:
  • if the input item is a folder, the folder and its entire content will be sent to a single archive named after the folder's name
  • if the input item is a file, the single file will be added to a single archive named after the file's name

batch file compression to multiple archives

What archive types allows creation of separate archives with PeaZip

Compressing to distinct archives at once is possible when working with following archive types as output format: 7Z, ARC, PAQ, PEA, RAR, TAR, WIM, ZIP. All of these formats allows to create separate archives, a single archive for each input item.

This limitation exists because some formats (BZ, GZ, XZ...) only provides single-file compression capability, and are not suitable for this single-pass procedure - because input object can be folder containing multiple files.
"Add each object to a separate archive" option will be disabled for those formats - original multiple input will be sent to single TAR archive before proceding adding intermediate input (single TAR file) into a compressed file in one of those compression-only formats.

Unchecking the option will create a single archive containing all input files and folders.

Convert each input archive as separate output archive

add to separate archives

"Add each object to a separate archive" option can be combined to convert existing archives option - in fact it is activated by default when Convert button is clicked in PeaZip's file explorer - which extracts each input object befor re-compression in the new format (specified in archive format dropdown menu)..
Opting for creating distinct archives allows to convert each single input archive (even with different extensions) in a new, separate, output archive (all in the new format), while unchecking separation option means to consolidate all input data in a single archive in the new format.

Learn more about compressing files with single-file compressors: compress a single file with Brotli, compress a single file with BZip2, compress a single file with GZip, compress a single file with Zstandard.
Or, read more about compressing single-files in separate archives, creating one archive for each input file, with formats supporting multiple-file compression: create separated 7z archives, create separated rar archives with PeaZip if WinRar is featured on the system, create separated zip files.

Synopsis: Add files to separate archives. Batch compression, create multiple 7Z TAR ZIP files at once with PeaZip. How to send each input file to a distinct archive, a single file per archive. Compress files separately, each item into a different archive.

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How to add each file to a separate archive
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