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extract a single file from archive

Extract single / selected files & folders from archive

Partial selective extraction of single / selected files and folders from 7Z RAR TAR ZIP archives
How to selectively extract files from 7Z RAR TAR ZIP archives






How to selectively extract files from 7Z RAR TAR ZIP archives

PeaZip supports selective extraction from archives, implementing all functions to browse, search, and select only the content the user intends to extract, whithout the need of de-compressing the entire archive - that will require more time and temporary storage space - when only a part of the content is desired to be retrived.

To selectively extract intended data from a supported archive:

selective extraction from archive

Open a supported archive format within PeaZip
  • double click the archive the intended data is stored in, if the file extension is associated with the PeaZip - as it is set by default from the Windows installer for most of mainstream formats (7Z, ACE, RAR, TAR, ZIP, ZIPX...)
  • alternatively rightclick the file and select "Open as archive" from PeaZip's context menu group: the software can open many not explicitly supported container formats which are, essentially, variations of structures of other archive formats - mostly of ZIP standard which is under public domain.
To extract files & folders from spanned (split) archives it is needed to save all the parts (i.e. .001, .002, etc extension) in the same folder, and to open the first part, the one usually having extension .001, .R01, Z01...

search items in archives for selective extraction

Select files and folders in PeaZip's archive explorer
  • Browse, search and filter archive:

    • archive content can be normally browsed as the filesystem, with archive structure tree shown on the left in navigation side panel, or can be displayed in flat mode (showing all content) pressing F6
    • archive content can be searched, with or without recursivity in subfolders, clicking on magnifying icon on the right of address bar or pressing F3
    • archive content can be filtered typing in the address bar (simple match to string being entered)
    • Tools > Use advanced filters (Shift+Ctlr+F9) can apply multiple inclusion and exclusion filters to content to be displayed
  • Select archive content:

    • archive content can be normally selected and de-selected as the filesystem content (single or multiple selection with Shift and Ctrl modifiers), Ctrl+A select all displayed items
    • "Select..." from search context menu (magnifier icon on the right of address bar) allows advanced selection features: by date, by size, by same initial, by same extension, etc.
    • selection methods applies both to plain archive browsing and to search results

select files to extract from archive

Extract selected objects from the archive

  • Click on "Extract" button on application's tool bar to send selected object(s) to main extraction interface; in application's context menu "Extract" group you can chose to extract all, selected or displayed objects
    • once in main extraction interface you can set output path, enter password to decrypt password-protected archives (usually 7z, ace, pea, rar, zip, and zipx types), naming policy (skip, overwrite or rename existing files) and other options, like extraction in new folder or delete archive after extraction - of course, under normal circumstances, the option of deleting original archive after a partial extraction should not be used.

extract single file from archive

  • As alternative, drag and drop single or multiple selected items from the application to the system to bypass main extraction interface. PeaZip free archiver is fully integrated with standard Windows drag and drop, and its optimized fast drag & drop extraction routine (compared to reference Windows standard system drag and drop implementation) avoids to create a temporary copy on system disk, speeding up to 100% the extraction operations (requiring writing the data only once rather than twice) to external units like other partitions, removable units, usb keys, network disks...
    • password, if needed for extracting encrypted archives, can be set from padlock extract encrypted zip rar content on the bottom right of file/archive browser window.
    • optional PeaZip fast drag & drop extraction model will also avoid any possible leftover unencrypted data in system's temp path, as the application will directly write, once, only to intended destination directory

PeaZip provides read support - open, browse, and extract - for 200+ archive formats, compressed files, or data containers, including: 7z, apk, bz2, gz, tar, zip, zipx, arj, cab, chm, cpio, deb, lzh, lha, rar, rpm, z, iso, Java (jar, ear, war), xpi, wim, u3p, lzma, udf, dmg, swm, Open Office / Libre Office (ods, ots, odm, oth, oxt, odb, odf, odg, otg, odp, otp, odt, ott), Microsoft Office (doc, dot, xls, xlt, ppt, pps, pot, docx, dotx, xlsx, xltx), Flash (swf, flv), quad, balz, bcm, zpaq, paq*, lpaq*, ace, arc, pea and more...

Even if RAR is a proprietary format, rar extraction routines are not encumbered by patents, so PeaZip can extract RAR files on Linux, macOS and Windows, relying on Open Source 7z / p7zip components coming with the app package, without needing additional software or add-ons.

Extract single file from TAR archives

To extract TAR files, PeaZip will first de-compress the tar file (usually compressed with BZip, Gzip, XZ / LZMA) and then will be able to browse, search, and select content for extraction as illustrated before.

Learn more about how to extract content from 7Z files, how to selectively extract content from CAB packages, extract content from ISO files or from other disk images such as DMG, UDF, VMDK... or to extract content from WIM images which is the new disk image format designed by Microsoft to supersede CAB installers, extract files from ZIP archives or to extract files from ZIPX archives (which are basically non-Deflate compressed zip containers).

extract files from zip archive

Hint: in Extraction screen it is possible to set how file extraction works internally, flagging or unflagging the option "Extract then move to destination".
Extract them move to destination, enabled by default, works as drag and drop extraction: selected content is extracted to a temporary work directory and then moved to the destination, interactively asking to the user if overwriting exitsting files with same name.

extract content from rar file

Synopsis: How to selectively extract content from archive with PeaZip. Search and filter items in archive for selective extraction of desired content. Partial selective extraction of only some (single, or selected) files and folders from 7Z RAR TAR ZIP archives. How to extract only certain files from archives.

Topics: extract file from archive, selectively extract from archive

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