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PeaZip screenshots: file manager, archive browser

PeaZip screenshots: file manager, archive browser

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Archive browser and file manager

PeaZip provides an (optionally) tabbed file explorer and archive manager GUI.
The Tab bar can be shown, on the top of the address bar (and below the Tab bar, that can be hidden), using "Open in a new tab" entry in context menu or address bar context menu.
Tabs can be arranged, sorted, closed (single or groups), collapsed, expanded, and added to Bookmarks from Tab bar's context menu.
The Address bar shows navigation controls to explore the filesystem and the archive's content, a breadcrumb address filed, search button (to find content in the filesystem or in the open archive as well), and a quick navigation menu to manage Bookmarks and jump to preferred destinations, History (visited paths), and relevant filesystem locations such as Desktop, Downloads, Home folder, root / My Computer, etc.
The navigation area on the left of the file browser panel can show a tree view of the filesystem, or a smart tree view (default) showing current archive's tree view, bookmarks, history, relevant system's paths, common functions, etc.
The file browser / archive browser area on the right can be set in large or small (default) details mode, the colums - each can be enadled or disabled - showing file type, size (and compressed size, exploring archives supporting this meta data), modified, accessed and creation time, attributes, and optionally CRC / hash of files.
Alternatively, the file browser can be set to list mode - displaying files in multiple columns - or in Icons and images mode, which shows files as large icons and displays preview of graphich files (not inside archive, as for security reason no content is even automatically uncompressed unless explicitly requested by the user)

freeware file manager utility

Screenshot 1: file manager exploring a path on Windows, in details mode. On the left the smart treeview.

tabbed file manager

Screenshot 2: tabbed file manager, Tool bar and main menu are hidden to focus more on file browsing features

file explorer

Screenshot 3: the file manager in (large) Icons and images mode, showing thumbnails of pictures

When reading the content of an archive file, for most common formats (7z, cab, iso, jar, rar, tar, zip, zipx...) it is shown the archive (or package) structure tree on the left navigation area, for quick inspection of the content and for fast browsing to desired node.
The archive browser will automatically open, by default (can be changed in Options > Settings), the TAR archive inside compressed tar files, like .gz, .bz, and .xz files.
Please not that to browse the content of a spanned archive set, you need to click on the first volume of the set (with extension 001, Z01, R01 or similar) and browse the archive as usual.

F6 toggles flat mode browsing, switching from explorer-like archive view to showing all content at same time, with full path displayed on the rightmost column of the file browser; only flat mode view is enabled for .ace and .arc formats; .pea format does not show archive table of content (no content listing mode is currently implemented).

Dark mode

PeaZip fully support dark mode on macOS, and on Linux with different Desktop Environments: Gnome and derivatives (DE such as Cinnamon and MATE), KDE, XFCE... dark mode is basically supported by PeaZip on any system that is correctly passing to the application the real system's colors.
To set PeaZip in dark mode on Linux it is sufficient to set a dark theme for the desktop environment, and most DE will pass correct colors to application's GUI, menus, etc, next time PeaZip is started.
In the same way, to set PeaZip in dark mode on macOS it is sufficient to set macOS in dark mode: System Preferences > General, select "Dark" or "Auto" in Appearance section.

peazip dark mode file browser

Screnshot: PeaZip in dark mode on macOS

peazip dark mode linux file explorer

Screnshot: PeaZip in dark mode on Linux (Mint)

PeaZip currently does not fully support Windows dark mode, which is meant - by Microsoft design limitation - for UWP applications only.
Unlike versions of Windows prior than 10, applying Dark Mode theming does not changes system's colors values passed to Win32/Win64 applications, but changes only colors passed to UWP apps.
Until Windows Dark Mode is implemented by Microsoft (alone) in this bizarre and limited way, purposely passing wrong values for on screen colors to non-UWP apps, supporting it will need each non-UWP application to replace the code for drawing each widget drawn by the system (e.g. checkboxes, combo boxes, listviews, etc), overriding standard - proven, stable, and optimized for speed - system drawing routines with custom ones.

There are however some possible workarounds in order to use PeaZip in dark mode even on Windows 10+ systems.

1) Dark theme option: in Options > Settings > Theme it is possible to set the program's GUI to Dark, which will darken the colors within the limits to preserve legibility of system-drawn widgets (which cannot be drawn by the application in custom colors), as seen in next screenshot

open source file manager

2) High Contrast: in system's settings it is possible to set on of the pre-set high contrast theme, which passes dark system colors (which can be further customized, creating custom dark themes) to all non-UWP applications, including PeaZip, as seen in following screenshot

open source file browser

Supported Operating Systems screenshots

PeaZip is a cross platform file archiver software, supporting creation and extraction of multiple archive formats on Linux, Darwin/macOS, Windows and other operating systems / architectures combinations supported by Lazarus/FPC IDE.
When compiled for Win32 or Win64, it supports Microsoft Windows systems, XP and Vista / 7 / 8.x / 10 family, both 32 bit and 64 bit versions (64 bit Windows system can run both native Win64 version, or 32 bit version through WoW64 subsystem), and API compatible Wine / ReactOS platforms.
The program can also be natively compiled, either with GTK2 or Qt widget set, for Linux x86 and Linux x86-64, pre-packed as DEB (Debian, Ubuntu, Knoppix, ...), RPM (Fedora, Mandriva, SUSE, Red Hat, ArkLinux), TGZ (Slackware), and TAR.GZ (portable, installation not required).
Experimental versions exists for ARM Linux and BSD.

Portable versions of of PeaZip cross-platform file archiver software are available for all supported platforms, those versions does not require installation and can be used simply unzipping the program's folder to the desired directory, and starting the application clicking on peazip executable.

UNACE Plugin, required to open and extract WinAce ACE files, is available for Windows and Linux platforms, both for installable and portable packages.
Optional UNRAR5 Plugin, alternative unrar engine (WinRar RAR5 format extraction is supported out of the box), based on RarLab's unrar code, is available too for Linux and Windows operating systems, both for portable and installable packages. Pleaase note that RAR files extraction is supported out of the box on all systems and does not require installation of plugins or extra software.
ACE and RAR compression (creation) is not implemented due to licensing limitations of those formats, but PeaZip can create RAR files if WinRar is installed on the same system..
Those packages, available for multiple platfroms supported by PeaZip, requires separate download as they contains code released under licenses not compatible with Open Source LGPLv3: UNACE, UNRAR / UNRAR5 Plugins for Linux and Windows

Following screenshots are taken running PeaZip on multiple patforms: Darwin / macOS, MS Windows XP, Linux (Ubuntu) with GTK2 and Qt widget sets.

peazip for macOS file manager

peazip file manager

linux file manager

freeware file manager and archive browser

Synopsis: PeaZip file manager / archive explorer screenshots, dark theme, high contrast mode. File manager look and feel on various supported operating systems (Linux; Windows) and widget sets (GTK, Qt, Win32)

Topics: Screenshots of PeaZip file manager and archive browser GUI on different systems, dark mode

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