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Cross-platform file compressor utility for BSD Unix

Free 7Z RAR TAR ZIP files software

Open Source file compressor, manage 200+ archive formats

Software license: LGPL3, free of charge for any use
Supported systems: *BSD i386

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Compiled for GTK2, no installation needed
Alternatively, PeaZip Portable for GNU/Linux (GTK2 or Qt) can be used on BSD Unix systems, due to cross-platform binary compatibility provided by BSD Unix systems to GNU/Linux executables.
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This page features experimental build of PeaZip file compressor for BSD Unix systems (compiled and tested on PC-BSD).

PeaZip is a cross-platform file archival utility / file compressor supporting over 200 archive formats (manage.7z, .bz2, ,ace, .cab, .gz, .iso, .rar, .tar, .zip, .zipx archives), an Open Source rar / zip files utility that supports the same wide array of functions focused on compression / decompression, security (encryption, calculate file hashing / checksum, secure deletion) and file management (split and join volumes, find duplicate files,...), providing over multiple operating systems and hardware platforms the same powerful but user-friendly GUI frontend to 7-Zip / p7Zip, FreeArc, PAQ and other Free Software backend archiving / compression technologies.

FreeBSDUnix BSD operating system systems Linux Compatibility Layer should allow to run PeaZip for Linux binaries as alternative to native PeaZip for BSD Unix build.

Read more about how to run PeaZip file compressor / archival software on Darwinunix bsd derivate operating system and OSX machines in following chapter:

How to run PeaZip file compressor utility on Darwin / Apple macOS

State of Darwin / macOS port

PeaZip cab be built from sources, with Lazarus/FPC IDE 2.2RC or more recent, as native application for Darwin / macOS, both for Intel x86-64 CPU (OSX up to macOS 10.15 Catalina), and for Apple Silicon M1 aarch64 ARM SoC (for macOS 11 Big Sur and more revent systems), targeting in both cases Cocoa widgetset.
Test to package PeaZip as native application for Apple macOS (or as portable package for Darwin / macOS) are currently being made.

peazip for darwin macOS

Running non-native PeaZip on macOS / OSX

Apart for a native macOS build from sources, here are various ways to run PeaZip for Windows on macOS (or older OSX releases) at current level of development:

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Using a virtualization software: Parallels Desktopapple software (commercial software) is probably the most popular choice on macOS/OSX, but VMWare Fusion (commercial) and Virtualbox (free) alternatives are available for Macs.
Once a Windows virtual machine is set on the macOS system, the Apple machine will run native Windows software without needing of any kind of conversion or port - ability to interact with the physical machine depends on the virtualization software itself.

macos zip files compressor

Using Winemacos utilities, an Open Source (free, LGPL) implementation of Microsoft Windows API, acting as a compatibility layer that allows to run Win32 software on macOS, OSX, BSD, and Linux operating systems.

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A different approach to Wine-based solution is Wineskin Wineryapple utilities (free, LGPL), a simple tool to build ports / wrappers of MS Windows programs as Mac applications, as described in this articlemacos software - being both Wineskin and PeaZip Open source software, the ports can be either created for personal use and for re-distribution

Synopsis: Download page of PeaZip for BSD, Open Source cross-platform file compressor software for BSD-based Unix systems.

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