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User provided themes

Eleven (Ijmm) | Theme + Icons (Ijmm)
KDE Breeze (Andrain)
Oxygen (Andrain)

Themes repositories

Repository of v4 themes, works with PeaZip 9.1+ versions.

Legacy Themes
Att thems repository. Themes v1 works with PeaZip < 7.0, Themes v2 works with PeaZip 7.0 to 8.2, Themes v3 works with PeaZip < 9.1.
Current releases (PeaZip 9.1+) can use v4 and v3 themes.

Alternative system Icons
Repository of alternative system icons for integration on BSD, Linux, macOS, and Windows.
To replace current PeaZip system icons replace the .ico, .icl, or .png files in (peazip)/res/share/icons directory, or in the paths the application's icons are store on your OS.

Customize the aspect of the application with themes

PeaZip Themes customizes main program's archive manager / file manager GUI appearance, colors, and icons.
Alongside pre-set themes, custom (and user-created) themes can be applied from Option > Theme selecting "Custom" in the Theme dropdown menu and selecting a custom theme package i.e. xyz.theme.7z.

The appearance of the file manager / archive manager and of other aspects of the application can be further customized from Settings > Theme page, changing:
  • application's accent color and text accent color, with pre-sets applying accent colors commonly employed on Windows, Mac, BeOS, Linux Mint and Ubuntu...
  • background application color, on which button, tabs and other items colors are defined, to make the application darker or lighter than system's colors defaults, or apply tints like graphite, mocha, plum, senape, or even totally custom colors
  • change color temperature for the background color of the app
  • reduce or enlagre spacing of the items, change colors and aspect of tabs, file browser's address bar, and tool bar
  • set a level of transparency pf the application
  • scale the GUI of the application larger or smaller than system's defaults
The apect of PeaZip's file explorer, in particular, can be also customized from the "..." style button on the top right of the file explorer itself, hiding or showing the main menu, tab bar, tool bar, status bar, and setting different styles for the file browser: details, list, and icons.

customize gui file manager

PeaZip with Tuxed theme with some customizations, running on a Linux machine with Gnome DE.

Dark mode themes

download peazip themes

PeaZip is fully functional in dark mode on BSD, Linux and macOS systems.

Windows 10 Dark Mode colors are not passed from system to application: querying a W10 system for UI colors currently get light mode colors in response even when dark mode is active.
This implementation of dark theming is unique to Windows 10.
As workaround it is possible to set an High Contrast theme, which passes colors consistent with Dark Mode UI appearance, until a complete API is made available to developers, or W10 is fixed in order to correctly pass real UI colors values to applications when queried (as every other operating system does).

Appearance of widgetset items rendered by the system are not affected by PeaZip, even applying themes settings, as PeaZip does not attempt to bypass native drawing methods, for stability, security, and performances reasons.
This limitation apply to all platform: please note that what are the system-rendered items varies in different platforms.

How to create custom themes

PeaZip Theme packages can be created (or saved for back-up) using PeaZip, from Options > Theme > Create Theme from current settings, a theme package xyz.theme.7z will be created on the desktop; it is a standard 7z archive (which is automatically extracted by PeaZip theme manager).

PeaZip 7.0+ version accepts as icon sources arbitrarily sized graphic saved as 32 bit or 8 bit PNG with transparency.
Icons will be scaled at runtime to be rendered fitting system's icon size (or approximate size that can be efficiently rendered), up to 10x zoom - in example a small icon can be rendered ranging from 16px to 160px.

Themes currently embebbed in PeaZip application packages contains graphic is saved as 32 bit PNG with transparence.
Folders 16 and 32 contains x3 zoomed icons (48 and 96 px)
Folders 48 and 96 contains non zoomed 48 and 96 px icons

Please note that system icons (i.e. on system's context menu, and for associated file types) are not affected by themes. On Microsoft Windows systems, system's icons are stored in \PeaZip\res\icons\ path and can be edited with a suitable editor or replaced with custom icon files; on Linux system's icons (in PNG format) are stored accordingly the distribution and the desktop environment policies, i.e. \opt\kde3\share\icons\ or \usr\share\icons\

Manage PeaZip themes

To further customize themes, or to remove unwanted themes, “Manage Themes” opens the path containing themes, that is located in user’s application data for installable versions or inside PeaZip’s folder for portable versions.
Theme’s graphic can be edited with any graphic files editor capable of working with 32 bit PNG with transparence, and theme.txt can be edited as UTF-8 text.

Distribute PeaZip themes

Themes add-ons can be freely distributed as independent packages, as long copyright/copyleft licenses for the graphic elements used in the theme is respected.
If you are interested in contributing a theme for being distributed with PeaZip please contact me at the mail address on Online support page.
The file note.readme (plain text) is inherited from the original theme, please edit it with relevant information and credits about the new theme if you plan to publicly release it.
Custom, user-provided icons, themes, graphic and other resources can be found on PeaZip's Resources folder on SourceForge.

Synopsis: How to customize PeaZip's GUI look and feel, icons, colors. How to blend the application appearance with Windows and Linux visual syiles, adapt to dark themed desktops. How to further personalize existing themes and create and distrubute new themes.

Topics: Download themes for PeaZip, how to customize application's GUI appearance, how to create new themes for PeaZip

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