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How to edit files inside existing archives

How to edit files inside 7Z TAR WIM ZIP archives
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Edit files in 7Z TAR WIM ZIP archives

Double click files in archive to open for editing

The simplest way to edit existing files inside archives, for archive types supported through 7z / p7zip backend, is to open the archive and double click on desired file from PeaZip archive manager to open it as preview: file(s) will be extracted for viewing / editing to a temporary work path.
If the file preview is modified and saved, PeaZip will automatically ask to update the file in archive with the newer version.
From context menu > More it is possible to force update for arbitrary archive types, providing PeaZip is able to write data into the desired foramt, as explained below.

modify files in zip archives

Right-click to edit files with custom application

Rather than double clicking the archived file to open it with the associated application, it is possible to right click the file and use Context menu > Preview with submenu to chose a custom application, or one of the user defined applications, to edit the file.

Set custom apps to open and edit files in archives with
From Options > Settings, Application tab it is possible to define apps and scripts to open files with.
Most common applications and anti-virus programs are automatically detected and configured by PeaZip, but every application and script can be easily customized by the user, or replaced with preferred alternatives.

Drag / Add edited files into the archive

Alternatives are dragging files into the archive in order to overwrite existing version of the file, or use Add button and selecting an existing archive as output destination for more options (Add, Update, Freshen updating only files already existing in archive, Synchronize) available from archive creation interface.
It is posible to edit existing RAR archives with PeaZip if WinRar is installed in the system (autonomous support for rar editing rar file format is not possible due to rar licensing limitations).

how to edit content of zip files

What archive types can be edited

Please note that is (quite obviously) necessary to write data to the archive in order to modify its content, so the correct password must be provided if applicable, and only file in write-supported formats can be edited - in example 7Z, TAR, WIM, and ZIP formats supported through 7z/p7zip binary.

Edit vcontent of arbitrary file types as archives
From Options > Settings > Archive manager tab it is possible to set "Edit non canonical archive types" option in order to try to modify data inside container files with extensions non commonly used for file archiving, but this option is off by default and not recommended for general usage because those formats may require editing / saving metadata fields which are unsupported and out of the scope of general-purpose archiving applications.

Read more about how to edit files inside 7Z archives, edit content of RAR files from PeaZip if WinRar is available on the same machine, edit files in ZIP archives, and how to edit ZIPX files (non-Deflate compressed ZIP containers).

Synopsis: How to edit files inside 7Z TAR WIM ZIP archives with PeaZip. Edit and save changes to compressed files. Modify file content in existing archives.

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