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PeaZip software programming change log

PeaZip is a free cross-platform file archiver utility that provides an unified portable GUI for many Open Source technologies like 7-Zip, FreeArc, PAQ, UPX... free alternative to WinRar, WinZip and similar proprietary software.
- Create 7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZ, *PAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, TAR, UPX, WIM, XZ, ZIP files
- Open and extract ACE, ARJ, CAB, DMG, ISO, LHA, RAR, UDF, ZIPX files and more,
over 200 archive types supported
Features of PeaZip includes:
archives opener and extractor, batch creation and extraction of multiple archives at once, convert files, create self-extracting archives, split and join files, strong encryption with two factor authentication, encrypted password manager, secure deletion, find duplicate files, calculate hash and checksum, export job definition as script.

cross-platform file archiver utility




PeaZip project development change log

PeaZip 8.0.0 introduces many under the hood updates, improving how container type files are managed for browsing and conversion, improving use of TAR format, allowing to create scripts requiring interactively typing password, improving search, preview functions, random password generation.
GUI was updated with new style menu and icons in status bar to make easier to change look&feel on the fly - i.e. switch from list to viewer mode for previewing images.
It is now possible to customize the default action PeaZip will take opening an associated file type - open (as usual) or directly extract it.
PEA is updated to 1.01 version, which improves capabilities to run in background and interact with other applications.
On Windows systems, makecab.exe can now be easily used from PeaZip, as pre-set available in Advanced tab of custom archive type screen.

A total of 218 file extensions can now be managed by PeaZip, with addition of .xappx format, and various Open Packaging Conventions filetypes (.3mf, .vsdx, .mmzx, .aasx, .slx, .scdoc)

Translations are available in over than 30 languages, any help is welcome to translate PeaZip to new languages and to maintain current localizations up to date, so please consider taking the time to give a look to translations directory for newer language files and for any resource useful for translators.

SHA256 hash of 8.0.0 release packages

PeaZip_8.0.0.0_x64__m1xx1d1szsx2y.msix    b4cb144ce8c2a0a88df3ed73fd26b18cc667e9f7f31b28f6adf4aef3fe0ae7aa
peazip_8.0.0.LINUX.x86_64.GTK2.deb    eea40914c8cd5f642eca0a1913f355332a46fb789aedaab80af892e0b243731d
peazip_8.0.0.LINUX.x86_64.Qt5.deb    95197483384c10bacd8ec07dbb7d49092c54682d07afdc880baa1dbff2c37d25
peazip_help.pdf    f10e59763c517507c66645ba1f41fd1d641dfc982a55799c4504a7d72f8dc6c7
peazip_portable-8.0.0.LINUX.GTK2.tar.gz    97f03771ca0fa380edb4f48a3ca303a896dde8ab43c29b940430996b7af9c409
peazip_portable-8.0.0.LINUX.Qt.tar.gz    287a2d530cfd3b534ca8fc5e49b245a240330239bf63ff3dbeb75231688bacab
peazip_portable-8.0.0.LINUX.x86_64.GTK2.tar.gz    72ab952d4bb7f83fe52eccf52ce2d762ad20398021441dad91e5c354d8975b35
peazip_portable-8.0.0.LINUX.x86_64.Qt5.tar.gz    4dd2f46d709d2d2b1854110283546c0813860939da58dbea04f8db9ace1c2563    8f059ee8fc9caaaf752c8cc9d3dc274dc99bae8d3bd891524a0c45acd3f018bc    c51bb457a1ac2705128a4bf5a75e0e028737edf4b1d2c1014f91507f20dad7d1    ba81b9efc01d876891c1e59ba6e34839affada82092374226952625bd0c8d47b
peazip-8.0.0.LINUX.GTK2-1.x86_64.rpm    85d3271a8ffd4da0f9a5e2acd0f42acb678fa8b7a854e646cedd0cb8dd6e0f40
peazip-8.0.0.LINUX.Qt5-1.x86_64.rpm    3784e72b6f43f2bc8c2329b8870da7c95dfcd712200afd062b992e1ee76d1809    2b3f24b035601df713746f2b7abcd2fdecb382117d81cf828deea1faaa2a3c32
peazip-8.0.0.WIN64.exe    e984c22df5b9fea22c263ecfccbf7bb4a76c176ef72253a68febff7afcc95e03
peazip-8.0.0.WIN64.msi    69202c258538487bad5bf2782940717a8af350e42057d88a3155067bb2d725ba
peazip-8.0.0.WINDOWS.exe    1e9f294b46e01d32136f8d638e13135efcdd49ecc48a1b9957734fabe3f75ed0
peazip-8.0.0.WINDOWS.msi    b5226e21de248d53d8c20e7e1db7d4966a1ccd55c57078668b4ca715f8c55b79

PeaZip 8 change log (current version)

2021 06 10 .. CURRENT

2021 06 10
PEA 1.01
Added exit codes to functions for easier integration with third party software and scripts
Running PEA in batch_report and hidden_report mode automatically saves task log without further user interaction
Fixed: hidden and hidden_report modes do not flash the GUI before hiding it
Updated online documentation at
CAB (Windows)
Selecting custom format (and deselecting RAR checkbx, if selected) in Advanced tab it is now available "CAB" preset in custom executable dropdown menu, to use Windows' makecab.exe utility (which accepts single files as input)

Various fixes and improvements

Added support for .xappx, and various Open Packaging Conventions filetypes (.3mf, .vsdx, .mmzx, .aasx, .slx, .scdoc) files, 218 file extensions supported
 by default support is read only, to enable write support check "Edit non-canonical archive types" in main menu, Options > Settings > Archive manager
Added text completion for search field
Checksum/hash files can now be set to perform a single algorithm (faster), by default SHA256
Performing all algorithms at once, or all common algorithms at once, is available as option in Option > Settings > File manager
Dragging a single archive file on file manager screen, the archive is now opened without requiring further interaction
Improved preview and open with functions
If nothing is selected, preview takes current directory as input
To avoid confusion with "Preview" actions submenu, "Extract and open with" sumbenu can now be enabled / disabled from Options > Setings > Archive manager
Improved random password generator in main menu, Tools > Create random password / keyfile
Default length is now 12 characters
Quote characters ' and " are avoided to keep the password console-friendly regardless the character escaping abilities of the scripting environment that will be employed by the user
Improved smart sorting of file names
Improved status bar
Browser modes "Details" and "Icons and images" can now be selected with a single click from icons on status bar
Style dropdown menu button on the left of browser modes icons, on status bar, allows to set most common UI settings fro a single, easily visible place:
set tool bar to archive manager, file manager, images manager
toggle tab bar on/off
toggle row select on/off
set browser preset modes
set themes
set side bar to navigation panel, treeview, or hidden
 Style menu entries are replicated also in context menu, Navigation submenu
Improved support for non-canonical archive types (containers, disk images, installers...) with new options in main menu, Options > Settings > Archive manager
"Browse non-canonical archive types" (default on) set those file types to be opened for browsing on doubleclcik in PeaZip file manager; unchecking this option those file types will be opened with associated application but can still be browsed on demand (as any arbitrary file type) using "Open file as archive" menu entry
"Convert non-canonical archive types" (default off) will treat those file types as archives in Conversion process (extract and recompress them), otherwise those files will be left unchanged and simply compressed in the desired format
Improved theming: can now optionally display grids with alternate color for better readability
Replicated link to Text encoding settings in main menu, Options; extended hint for custom codepage

Added "Force typing passwords interactively" option in password screen that forces to always type password in the native backend interface
This option allows to create scripts that will require operator to enter the password interactively rather than running unattended
Zpaq backend does not support this option
Backends not supporting encryption are not affected by this option
Please note this option forces console mode for backend utilities (except PEA, which is a graphic application)
With this option enabled PeaZip cannot browse archives with encrypted name of files (encrypted toc), but it is anyway possible to list/test/extract them
Can now edit existing 7Z-compressed sfx archives
Improved "TAR before" option, which saves multiple input to TAR archive before compression step
Option to delete original files now works whith "TAR before" option enabled
Tasks with "TAR before" option enabled can now be saved as command line
It is now possible to customize the default action to perform when a file type associated with PeaZip is double-clicked on the system (or any time a single file is sent as input to PeaZip)
In main menu, Options > Settings > Archive manager "Default action on start-up" can be set to
Open, default
Open as archive, force trying to open any arbitrary file type as archive
Extract..., show full extraction screen to enter password and change options before confirming extraction
Extract here, immediately start extraction with default parameters

Previous versions change log

PeaZip 7
2019 12 01 .. 2021 04 19
PeaZip 5
2013 06 23 .. 2016 01 01

PeaZip 3
2010 02 10 .. 2011 08 27

PeaZip 1
2006 11 06 .. 2008 03 15

PeaZip 6
2016 02 27 .. 2019 09 01

PeaZip 4
2011 09 19 .. 2013 04 24

PeaZip 2
2008 03 21 .. 2010 01 26

Pea-Peach (PeaZip 0)
2006 09 16 .. 2006 10 02






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