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PeaZip software programming change log

PeaZip is a free cross-platform file archiver utility that provides an unified portable GUI for many Open Source technologies like 7-Zip, FreeArc, PAQ, UPX... free alternative to WinRar, WinZip and similar proprietary software.
- Create 7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZ, *PAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, TAR, UPX, WIM, XZ, ZIP files
- Open and extract ACE, ARJ, CAB, DMG, ISO, LHA, RAR, UDF, ZIPX files and more,
over 200 archive types supported
Features of PeaZip includes:
archives opener and extractor, batch creation and extraction of multiple archives at once, convert files, create self-extracting archives, split and join files, strong encryption with two factor authentication, encrypted password manager, secure deletion, find duplicate files, calculate hash and checksum, export job definition as script.

cross-platform file archiver utility




PeaZip project development change log

PeaZip 7.7 introduces various fixes, improves control over temporary work files, and allows to use system's p7zip package on Linux systems.

A total of 211 file extensions can now be managed by PeaZip.

Translations are available in over than 30 languages, any help is welcome to translate PeaZip to new languages and to maintain current localizations up to date, so please consider taking the time to give a look to translations directory for newer language files and for any resource useful for translators.

SHA256 hash of 7.7.0 release packages

PeaZip_7.7.0.0_x64__m1xx1d1szsx2y.msix    038168dc390a64c4756eeace39535e7a5e07fcadcba28fb209c933dedb74bd85
peazip_7.7.0.LINUX.x86_64.GTK2.deb    443e99e61779ac27809056848605c41d08ac2931214d43fd979d0c9fbaf6678e
peazip_portable-7.7.0.LINUX.GTK2.tar.gz    bcfbc8c6e33680287501905e3bcbb214c7852043569b3db03d0704e45b0b0c80
peazip_portable-7.7.0.LINUX.Qt.tar.gz    930a88c216c47b4c59a7ace4efea26a498b5522f9c425ffc68fdc688ae4d8cfb
peazip_portable-7.7.0.LINUX.x86_64.GTK2.tar.gz    31395953b18b7f53c02fa3044aff74d9d4976353e2c8c25bb276fd5c4ca77a92    b09abfb0b8497d1875f78ead6c9a5fa2135d860241313bb3c22340f1412c3e05    5d374900754b39c6ae294057c134bdf1a6d1c6e5d2be8d92c8b03f2ccd56d2fd
peazip-7.7.0.LINUX.GTK2-1.x86_64.rpm    f26004b54431f58513360fbc9f470c419ebd844c97aa28d2420eaa16b85e021f    9aadd78df2b48219833b5005a24afd6495aeb9f47e14384e85eb6c1b0b326cf2
peazip-7.7.0.WIN64.exe    7c6b59fa67ee792bb4cc735353551823760dc6f60eabb8f19715cd9b4602d2c2
peazip-7.7.0.WINDOWS.exe    dcc12378a80738ac0cde2b11592e5a71fc677d1373f66c9a0769f91c967c11a6

PeaZip 7.x change log (current version)

2019 12 01 .. CURRENT
2021 01 08
(Linux) Can now optionally use system p7zip, if installed, from Options > Settings, General tab
requires p7zip-full (or equivalent package) to be installed in order to have a 7z binary compatible with PeaZip's requirements in terms of syntax and features

Various fixes

Added shortcut Ctrl+W to close window, consistently with conventional use in WinRar and Windows file explorer
Improved control over temporary work directory, used when the archive is created or edited, during drag and drop extraction (Windows), and content preview
Output: faster as no copy to destination is needed, more secure as no content is unpacked/decrypted outside of the intended destination path
Output, preview in user's temp
User's temp (as conventionally used by most applications): in case of failure for any reason, user's temp folder is the single place to look for orphaned data and can be safely cleaned
None, user's temp if needed: allows exceptions to perform drag and drop extraction and preview using user's temp
None: no exceptions allowed, no temporary work data is saved, this does not allow to perform neither drag and drop extraction nor preview, as archive content can't be transparently unpacked and passed to system's drag & drop handler, nor to the associated application

Added read support to .appxbundle format

2020 12 15
(Winodws, ReactOS) McMilk codecs in 7z\Codecs path are now automatically checked at PeaZip startup, in order to disable them (moving in 7z\Codecs\bk) on systems not capable to run them (as XP or ReactOS), and re-enable them on other systems; this works for both Portable and installable packages without requiring manual intervention

Various fixes

(in left navigation panel) Archive treeview is now automaticaly updated accordingly to browsing in file manager area
 This option can be fine tuned in Options > Settings > Archive manager
Various usability improvements
Can now set current path as default archiving or extraction path
Options > Settings > General, Advanced, and Archive manager tabs reorganized
Improved and updated themes, and simplified Theme tab

Improved handling ZIP files with code pages different than local
Can now customize code page for reading/writing filenames in ZIP archives, from Options > Settings, Advanced tab it is possible to set:
Local code page, then UTF-8 for sysmbols outside local code page (default)
Force UTF-8 for non-ASCII characters
Force local code page
Use a custom code page: an arbitrary code page can be entered by user (the host machine needs to support the code page to run the tasks, otherwise tasks can be saved as scripts and run on different machines)
Text encoding entry is now accessible also from application's file browser context menu, and in Archiving and Extraction screens context menus
Within PeaZip file manager it is now possible to use copy/paste shortcuts Ctrl+C (or Ctrl+X) / Ctrl+V to extract items from archives to filesystem
If clipboard is set to keep multiple selection operations at once:
Copy/paste extraction is possible form multiple archives at once
It is also possibile to mix cut/paste and extraction operations
Extraction targets the file system, it is not currently possible i.e. to directly paste compressed items from archive A to archive B

2020 11 13
Various fixes

Create new folder is now also available for 7Z/p7Zip and RAR supported archive types
Improved file renaming routines
added function to cutting file names at specified lengtt
added function to replace / remove non-ASCII characters
all quick rename functions (lowercase, replace string, etc...) are now also available when browsing 7Z/p7zip and RAR supported archive types
Updated icons in embedded theme and added icons to distinguish common archive types
Updated Ten theme

Added "Extract everything for special file types" (to 7Z-supported archive types) to optionally extract the entire archive (or current path) to preview special filetypes which usually needs external data to properly run, in example .html, .bat, and .exe files
From Options > Settings > Archive manager, Extract group is possible to customize "Extract everything for..." behavior
Never use special preview, Ask, Always (default)
Extract entire archive (default) or Extract displayed items only (items in current path, or matching search filters) which can be faster than extracting the entire archive
Archive timestamp preservation directive is now also applied to rename and delete operations (previously only for add / update)
Options > Settings > Archive manager, Extract group: added option to auto close PeaZip after extraction if no browsing actions took place (default off), useful in example if a downloaded file was opened for quick inspection before extraction
Options > Settings > General (Windows): added options for locking or hiding target window during drag and drop operations, by default target window is hidden and locked while the operation is running
Out of the box default compression levels are set to fast for ZIP and 7Z formats
compared to previous ZIP normal default, ZIP fast is over 400% faster providing 2% worse compression ratio, and 7Z fast is 25% faster providing 3% better compression ratio
compared to previous 7Z normal default, 7Z fast is 500% faster providing 5% worse compression ratio
please note compression levels and compression presets works as usual, the new settings are meant only to provide novice users better performance balance for general purpose tasks
Modified existing preset scripts
10 from faster zip to fast zip
12 (Linux) from .tar.zst to .7z using Zstandard compression (which requires single pass)
Test mode always show details about single files in archive

(Windows XP) additional 7z codecs introduced in 7.4 line, incompatible with Windows XP, are deactivated when installed on XP machines, consequently the error messages are no longer triggered when using 7z backend

2020 10 05
(Linux) p7zip 16.02 superseded by szcnick/p7zip fork 17.02, not available for legacy 32 bit platforms
added support for FLZMA2, LZ4, and Zstd compression algorithms in .7z format
algorithm selection dropdown is now common to all platforms, unsupported algorithms for one platform are preceeded with / (currently unsupported /Brotli, /Lizard, and /LZ5 on linux)

Various fixes

(Windows) File manager now displays icons for exe files for better usability, using a separate thread; previously the feature was enabled only if browser was set to show thumbnails
In-archive "Extract and open with PeaZip" and "Preview with PeaZip" now forces trying to open file as archive, as in "Open as archive" menu entry

(Windows) Drop target window is locked, as in WinRar, until drag and drop operation is completed
If password contains characters that can be troublesome if used in scripts (i.e. quotes) it is now possible to interactively enter password in console to create / extract archive types handled through 7z/p7zip, ARC, and RAR backends

2020 09 08
Pea 0.74
Introduced PEA format revision 1.3, supporting multiple cascade authenticated encryption, each cipher with 256 bit key, in EAX mode: AES+Twofish+Serpent, Twofish+Serpent+AES, Serpent+AES+Twofish
Fixed a bug preventing extraction of PEA archives in case of naming conflicts

Fixed Fast-LZMA2 dictionary sizes
Fixed error 127 erroneously raised in some cases

Improved directories smart sorting in file manager
Improved tabs
closing last tab collapses tab bar
mouse middle button closes tab

(Windows) Fixed context menu entry "CRC, hash and file tools", now pointing by default to "Checksum/hash (common algorithms)" consistently to all other calls form PeaZip

2020 08 23
PEA 0.73
(Windows) Tino Reichardt (mcmilk) codecs for .7z format v1.4.5r2

Various fixes
Online resources pointing to new web space on GitHub

Added shortcuts to set archiving/conversion and extraction options, from context menu and from Options > Archive manager screen
Added button to change case on the fly for checksum/hash (when encoded hex or lsbhex)
GUI refresh
Added main menu shortcuts to toggle most common browser's layout options: side bar, tool bar, tab browser bar
Modified aspect of address bar and tab bars

(Windows) Added support for Tino Reichardt (mcmilk) codecs for .7z format
7Z archives can now be created using also Brotli, Fast-LZMA2, Lizard, LZ4, LZ5, and Zstandard compression algorithms in addition to traditional ones
7Z archives created using those extra algorithms can be extracted by PeaZip or Reichardt's 7-Zip fork, cannot be extracted by plain 7-Zip or p7zip without using Reichardt's codecs
Compression presets 11 and 12 changed from and tar.zst to 7z format with Brotli and Zstd compression respectively
Added options to add recovery records and repair archive, from "Test" dropdown in tool bar and in "More" group in context menu
(Windows) Improved creation support using Rar.exe, if featured in the system, introduced as prototype in previous release
Other than in WinRar's application path Rar.exe is now searched also in PeaZip's directory, in case user wants to copy the exe here for portability: it is sufficient to copy Rar.exe from WinRar's path to PeaZip or PeaZip Portable application's path, or in said path into res\ folder, or in a subfolder named res\rar or res\unrar: any of those locations is supported
Add to separate archives and Archive to original path options enabled for RAR backend
New RAR-specific options supported
RAR archive header encryption is now possible
RAR archives can be locked
Can now set recovery records percentage
Can now set archive time to: current system time, original archive time, most recent item in archive
It is now possible to save RAR compression settings in custom compression settings profiles
RAR compression preset is now available, it is shown only if Rar.exe is detected
It is now possible to update, edit, rename, and delete files in existing RAR archives
Application title will now display if archive is RAR4 or RAR5, and if it is locked
Added options to lock archive, add comment, add recovery records, repair archive, from "Test" button dropdown in tool bar and in "More" group in context menu
.zipx archives are now write supported and can now be edited (add, delete, rename items in existing archives)
It is now possible to optionally to switch to .zipx extension if a method different than Deflate/Deflate64 is set for zip compression, accordingly to WinZip's definition of zipx format
Please note that are currently supported, for reading and writing, following compression methods defined in zipx standard: Bzip2, LZMA, LZMA2, PPMd; currently WavPack, JPEG and MP3 preprocessors are unsupported (both for reading and writing) unless proper codecs are separately installed (cannot be added to PeaZip packages due closed source nature of those codecs)
Repair archive function, for RAR and ARC files, is available in PeaZip's file manager also before opening the archive, in case the specific damage does not allow to successfully browse the archive

2020 06 23
Various fixes

Added support to more file extensions:
.cramfs compressed ROM/RAM file system images
.ext, .ext2, .ext3, and .ext4 filesystem images
.hfsx filesystem images
.qcow, and .qcow2c QEMU disk images
.scap, and .uefif firmware files
.mub, .pkg, and .ppmd compressed files
Archive browser now will automatically ask for password to open files with unreadable TOC, for all formats supporting TOC encryption, e.g. archives encrypted with "Encrypt also file names" option
Fixed browsing of encrypted ARC files
Fixed: can now delete files within WIM archives

[Prototype] Support for RAR compression if WinRar 64 or 32 bit is installed in the system (Windows)
Setting Custom compression type optionally aut-configures PeaZip to use RarLab's Rar.exe as compressor; if libre_directive option is set to 2 (most restrictive, not allowing closed archive formats), rar creation will be not allowed in any case
Rar.exe will be set to use PeaZip's work dir as other backend binaries
For RAR archives it is possible to set
compression level, from store to maximum
action: new archive, add, update, freshen, sync with disk
spanning in multiple volumes
password, optionally with two factor authentication (password + keyfile)
create RAR5 or legacy RAR4 archive
(RAR5) set dictionary size 1..1024 MB
(RAR5) use BLAKE2 hash instead of CRC checksum
Create self extracting RAR
Solid archive
Recovery records
Save files open for writing
Save NT security information
Save NTFS streams
Set archive time to last modified object
Improved support for more RAR options is planned in future, to allow efficient RAR creation from PeaZip GUI, providing RarLab's WinRar is installed in the system and Rar.exe is available.

please note PeaZip does not implement any autonomus RAR creation feature, which is prohibited by RarLab's licensing for RAR, and only passes parameters to Rar.exe if separately installed by the user from RarLab's packages

2020 06 02
Zstd 1.4.5

Various fixes, improved progress bar accurancy for multiple tasks

Fixed folder sorting, now folders are always grouped before files
Improved theming, window and toolbar colors can now be customized
New Graphite, Mocha, and Senape themes with intermediate color tones
(cross-platform limitation) System-rendered widgetsets are not affected by theme colors as native drawing methods were not bypassed by theme implementation
(Windows 10 limitation) Dark Mode colors are not passed from system to application, as workaround it is possible to use an High Contrast theme, which passes colors consistent with Dark Mode UI, until a complete API is made available to developers

Added support for .zstd extension, as used in compressed cpo in new rpm installers
(Linux) Updated sfx module for p7zip

2020 05 18
Pea 0.71 with PEA file format revision 1.2

Various fixes

Added BLAKE2S and BLAKE2B hashes to
File manager's hash (for file hashing and deduplication)
File tools set of hashes
Optional hash for raw file split
Optional hash for PEA format
Added support for opening as archive modern Linux package formats: .appimage, Ubuntu's .snap, and FreeDesktop Listaller .ipk
Browser now uses smarter sorting for file/directory names
By default now PeaZip tries to open archives containing errors
Errors detected browsing the archive are now notified in status bar, even if it is possible to list archive's content
"Try to open archives contining errors" can be disabled in Options > Settings > Archive manager
Fixed some cases not allowing secure deletion and zero deletion of files
Improved deletion of temporary work files

Added option to not ask confirmation for delete after archiving/extraction, in Options > Settings > Archive manager
Delete is not triggered if errors are detected
Delete is triggered after extraction only in case of complete extraction (extract all)
Added option to set archive time from most recent file in archive, for all 7z/p7zip formats
Added option to improve Brotli compression using more memory at cost of small impact on speed (archives created with this option may not be compatible with some Brotli decompressors)
Added option to improve Zstandard compression using more memory at cost of small impact on speed
Added new advanced options to custom compression settings files, keeping compatibility with setting files created with older versions
Presets were rebuilt accordingly new format
Two new presets: Medium compression with 7z fast, and Fast compression with 7Z fastest
It is now possible to cancel all tasks of a sequence in the case one of the archiving / extraction task fails

(Windows) Improved installer
(Windows) Installer now available also as .msix package
(Linux) Created generic DEB and RPM packages, x86-64 native
Some binaries, i.e. FreeArc, may need IA32-libs to run

2020 05 06
(Windows) fixed bug in multiple selection for drag and drop
Updated translations, modified texts of Presets to clarify compression level to be expected

Fixed save custom options fields for 7z/p7zip and Arc

2020 04 27
PEA 0.70
(Linux) UPX 3.96
Please note: updating UPX in Windows packages triggered false positives from multiple antimalware, consequently the update was removed from Windows packages restoring UPX 3.95.
This is not, in any way, a fault of UPX, which is and remains a legitimate and safe software, but being one of the tools that may be employed by malware to compress binary payload, it is regarded as higly suspicious by most anytivirus, and in the past it triggered several false positives for PeaZip for Windows, almost at each update, taking months to be corrected from antivirus teams - and some of false positives are not yet fixed after years, nor the feedback mails were ever answered.
For the future I'll consider about introducing UPX support as a separate plugin, so it can be stripped from main package, and manually updated by end user, to keep it up to date e.g. in the case security issues surfaces on older UPX versions.
If you want to use last version of UPX on PeaZip for Windows, please replace the executable manually, until same syntax is honored the executable can be freely replaced.

Built with Lazarus 2.0.8
(Windows) Updated custom SendTo menu links for working with 32 and 64 bit systems, packed in SendTo.7z in program's path
Various fixes

(Windows) Added SMART entry to access to system's disk diagnostic data, in application's context menu File manager > System tools
Fixed: CRC and hash values are now reported also for empty files (previously were left blank)
File tools: improved "Checksum/hash file(s)" report window, with the new context menu it is now possible to:
save each single crc or hash value to file, rightclicking on the cell of the value
save all information to file, including all CRC and hash computed

Fixed: advanced compression settings was not preserved after direct creation of archive form context menu
Fixed; various issues with new advanced compression settings mechanism
(Windows) Fixed drag and drop extraction of items with names containing characters non valid for filenames
Context menu Add to 7Z and Add to ZIP now uses compression settings from PeaZip configuration rather than default compression settings, unless a specific level of compression is stated (i.e. Add to 7Z ultra)

(Windows) Added context menu entries to encrypt to 7Z format (checked by default), and to add to 7Z format with fastest compression (unchecked by default)

2020 04 08
Various fixes and improvements

Extended options to manually update edited files in archive (consistently with update dialog) in context menu > more submenu
it is now possible to update archive and discard temp edit files (as in auto update dialog Yes/Clear option), and to discard edits without update

Added option to automatically close PeaZip when task completes
Added options to save and load custom compression settings
Menu entries are available in main menu > Layout (in compression screen) and in compression presets context menus (in file browser and in compression screen)
Compression settings are saved by default to "Compression settings" folder in same path of PeaZip configuration
Password and keyfiles are not saved in custom compression settings, to manage passwords safely see instead main menu > Tools > Password manager
Volatile, context dependant variables can be saved alongside non-volatile ones, but will be lost in subsequent uses unless the custom setting is reloaded (in Options > Advanced volatile variables can be shown in italic font)
Presets for archive creation / conversion are now rewritten to use new compression setting mechanism, new presets supersedes both old presets and favourite formats menu entries
Presets are saved in PeaZip\res\presets folder, in PeaZip's program path; apart for being saved separately they are standard compression setting files and can be used as such
To customize an existing preset with a custom compression settings file, copy the desired custom compression settings file in presets folder, in place of one of the existing preset files
Optionally, editing the compression setting file is possible to change its displayed file name, the name that will be shown by PeaZip in presets menu
New presets: ZPAQ ultra, ZPAQ, ARC, Brotli, Zstandard
Extended non-volatile options saved to configuration (and compression settings)
7z/p7zip advanced compression options for dictionary, word, passes and block size are now remembererd
File spanning options are now remembered
Improved support for ZPAQ format
AES256 encryption, supported by design by the format, is now enabled
Compression settings were optimized for better results
From Advanced tab of extraction screen are now supported following options
Restore files to original absolute paths
Separate extraction of all revisions of the archive
Overwrite existing files
Test operation is now enabled
ZPAQ is now available in presets at medium and ultra compression formats

2020 03 08
Various fixes and improvements
improved efficiency of context menu entries
improved file renaming
Updated application and antivirus automatically detected in "Open with" menu
Improved support to Windows Defender and MBAM to scan files from PeaZip archive/file browser

Improved editing files in archive
dialog to update modified preview files now allow 3 choices
"Yes / Clear" update the archive and clear temporary preview data (as in previous versions), mimimize disk occupation and time data is left on the disk
"Yes" update the archive and let temporary preview data on disk to allow instantaneously re-opening files, not needing new extraction, in order to perform new edits
"No" discard changes clearing temporary preview data (as in previous versions)

Added support for Microsoft MSIX app package and ESD image formats

Improved Windows installer
new default language option is to do not change current installation language
"Add to archive" and "Extract to..." context menu entries are now optional and can be unchecked

2020 02 02
Added Brotli 1.0.7 backend
Added Zstd 1.4.4 backend
Pea 0.68

Various fixes and improvements

Added "Type here to search in current path" hint to address bar to make this feature more esaily discoverable
Added compression method information when browsing archives supported through 7z/p7zip backend
Improved file rename
Added option to rename only files
Improved hints about rename functions in confirmation dialogs
Improved management of compressed TAR files
Brotli, LPAQ, QUAD/BALZ/BCM, and Zstandard backed now supports previewing compressed TAR files
Same formats now supports option to auto open compressed TAR archive (previously applied only to formats supported through 7z/p7zip backend)
Same formats now supports smart extraction feature

Added read / write / test support for Brotli (.br) and Zstandard (.zst) files
Added more dictionary size options for LZMA / LZMA2
Added compression preset ("Add" button's dropdown menu) for ZIP, Bzip2 method, fast compression
Improved direct extraction from PeaZip's file browser
Context menu and Extract dropdown menu now features: extract all here, extract all here smart, extract all here to new folder
Reduced duplication of destinations in Extract dropdown menu
Extract all to moved to More group in context menu
Keyboard shortcuts:
extract all here Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E
extract all here smart Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S
extract all here to new folder Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N
Instantaneous compression ratio % is shown while running 7z/p7zip compression tasks

2019 12 29
Pea 0.67

Various memory management, speed, responsivity and stability optimizations
For archive browsing, fast mode (equivalent to previous versions default mode):
Up to -15% memory usage browsing archives containing large number of files
Up to +35% speed browsing and testing for encryption archives containing large number of files

Added mass rename option to prepend progressive number to filenames
Action is available in Context menu, File manager > Rename > 1, 2, 3...
Items will be numbered following the current sorting order, e.g. name, time/date, size, extension...
Added support for navigation with mouse buttons
Button3 go up
Button4 go forward
Button5 go back
New archive browsing optimization option available in Options > Settings > General, Performance group
Normal, no optimization
Fast (default, works as "fast open routine" option in previos versions), stop pre-browsing archives containing very large number of files to preserve performance
Fastest, do not pre-browse archives for very fast opening, as downside this mode does not show archive information, and may non correctly list some out of standard archives
Row select option for file / archive browser is now duplicated in context menu > Navigation for better discoverability
Updated translations

Fixed: archives are tested for encryption before extraction from SendTo menu entries and from command line
Improved detection of multipart archives for automatic deletion after extraction option
Alongside .001 spanning (as in 7-Zip and PeaZip) are now recognized .z01, .zx01, .rar01, .part1.rar spanning conventions followed by WinZip and WinRar

2019 12 01
PEA 0.66

Added option to automatically open tar archive inside tar.* compressed files
Option is on by default, can be set in Options > Settings > Archive manager
Drag & drop can now be hot swapped between standard and custom mode while using the application
Improved finding duplicate files, both with crc/hash and quick duplicate check: Info column shows "D" for duplicate for each copy of file with same digest value, except the last copy found
Sorting files for Info column allows to quickly select (and delete) duplicate items
Sorting files for checksum/hash column allows to easily compare identical files as in previous versions
New function to analyze content of folders in file browser (from column header menu)
Info column marks empty folders with "E"
Checksum/hash column shows content of folders: number of directories, number of files, and total size
New scaling mechanism for better support of high DPI in PeaZip and Pea executables
UI elements are scaled at run time at discrete steps zooming up to 10x of design time size, using Lazaruz LCL scaling
Graphic is accordingly scaled at run time, accepting arbitrarily sized graphic sources
Embedded 16 and 32 pixel icons are currently provided with 3x definition (48 and 96 pixel respectively) to provide high quality graphic up to 300% scaling
New themes for PeaZip version 7+ uses 8 or 32 bit PNG with transparency, and currently provides 16 and 32 pixel icons upscaled to 3x definition
New Windows icons for menus and file types; new icons allows to better distinguish supported file types, at large and small resolutions
When a single file of unsupported format is passed as parameter, the application lets the user decide if to try to open it as archive or to add it to new archive
Various fixes
Fixed System benchmark tool

Improved progress bar accuracy
Option to delete input files after task completion is now globally applied to all archiving / extraction functions
Also batch version of direct archiving / extraction functions now apply the deletion on completion policy accordingly to the application's configuration
Alternative versions of batch commands are now available in order to explicitly ignore deletion on completion policy, with "i" appended after function name: -add2peai, -add2crypti, -add27zi, -add27zmaili, -add2separate7zi, -add2sfx7zi, -add2sfx7zmaili, -add2zipi, -add2zipmaili, -add2separatezipi, and -ext2herei, -ext2folderi, -ext2toi, ext2tofolderi, -ext2simplei, -ext2simplefolderi
Fixed and improved -add2split batch command, can now accept multiple input files and folders (if more than one file is passed as input it will be consolidated in a tar archive)

Improved Windows 32 and 64 bit installers
Added shortcuts to selectively start PeaZip in add, extract or open mode
Shortcuts are saved in application's entry in Start Menu, and in program's path, and can be freely moved/copied for ease of use
By default now the installer associate files and create menu entries for all users (local machine)
New "Install for current user only" checkbox, unchecked by default, to run the installer for current user only
Various fixes and removal of legacy code

Previous versions change log

PeaZip 5
2013 06 23 .. 2016 01 01

PeaZip 3
2010 02 10 .. 2011 08 27

PeaZip 1
2006 11 06 .. 2008 03 15

PeaZip 6
2016 02 27 .. 2019 09 01

PeaZip 4
2011 09 19 .. 2013 04 24

PeaZip 2
2008 03 21 .. 2010 01 26

Pea-Peach (PeaZip 0)
2006 09 16 .. 2006 10 02






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