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PeaZip change log: bug fixes, new features, release notes

PeaZip change log: bug fixes, new features, release notes

peazip bug fixes
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PeaZip 8.2.0 improves command line usage with updated archiving and extraction switches, and introduces (peazip)/res/batch folder which contains sample scripts and system integration files (SendTo and freedesktop_integration folders are moved here).
The archive manager is now capable of optionally displaying compression/encryption method, and modified, created, accessed timestamps for each item in archive, and to display number of items contained in each folder.
It is now possible to chose to keep extracted files even in case errors occurred during the extraction, and working with spanned files was improved.
Smart extraction is now available as default action to take at program's startup, alongside Open, Open as archive, Extract (full), Extract here.
This release focuses on improving user experience on Linux systems, updating installers, improving the automatic configuration of applications for "open with" actions, and displaying more system's paths in the file manager.
Backend were updated to Brotli 1.0.9 (Linux).

A total of 225 file extensions can now be managed by PeaZip, with addition of .apkm, .apks, and .aab Android package formats, and of Lzip .lz (on Linux versions only).

Translations are available in over than 30 languages, any help is welcome to translate PeaZip to new languages and to maintain current localizations up to date, so please consider taking the time to give a look to translations directory for newer language files and for any resource useful for translators.

SHA256 hash of 8.2.0 release packages

PeaZip_8.2.0.0_x64__m1xx1d1szsx2y.msix    730dfbb80d831b2b9347ffe63c6e80339cc242e5ee4e0ce22b9db2fcc632d23f
peazip_8.2.0.LINUX.GTK2-1_amd64.deb    130101d4f933824157cd39984ffdf9aa66c23e03abf2cde4a199a076a44b580f
peazip_8.2.0.LINUX.Qt5-1_amd64.deb    5e161595c74c98d739d5439418564d1f2ce21b0a4eb89724868a48e5d9c636b9
peazip_help.pdf    73f9413af8d22b88e0ae4402c00d0feef673cb70453f47c5f3b819dc59879440
peazip_portable-8.2.0.LINUX.GTK2.x86.tar.gz    aa3bc2283b055ce002327a4feb827ddbb9df5e2b3d830f2173a531ea9dff2544
peazip_portable-8.2.0.LINUX.Qt4.x86.tar.gz    052a08276189dfd0e4ccb3e2a1b9640c051925d9b154ded037c902c230c7b813
peazip_portable-8.2.0.LINUX.GTK2.x86_64.tar.gz    ba07116cb1493409ecebcc08f43b06ab37d2c8c41be5ca9a65dcb7a8bbd746f2
peazip_portable-8.2.0.LINUX.Qt5.x86_64.tar.gz    f8e673960be5270f4763d7613646882b061f0188ade23df7953d3c5466232e21
peazip_portable-8.2.0.WIN64.zip    fef83cfaf0f59b967ae4c482a0628807711e78c595a2a5468d4ced13d8edb477
peazip_portable-8.2.0.WINDOWS.zip    430180b4d4002cdb37668639b844351f5230ffc5ae4a62d61c94342e6300285b
peazip-8.2.0.about_translations.zip    7889842514059dccd839e0587b2a9057b88cd12f34d588db61481601b703fea1
peazip-8.2.0.LINUX.GTK2-1.x86_64.rpm    5eb09e87891de28ea1217a9e8d9efa93e6851bef5920fb2d43ee59023134e3ee
peazip-8.2.0.LINUX.Qt5-1.x86_64.rpm    d4b6e56eb7f12f8e7338e0ebeb749a9f61d9c1ca28577bde6a91f5190a0df020
peazip-8.2.0.src.zip    bc8c27e95d2e18eec8f2107d427b34fc378408316c1a97728614fb12edbfa7d4
peazip-8.2.0.WIN64.exe    9e5c9f1d42dbc5634eab54ac3ebef32ade89632031f4bbed88449e98eb789dce
peazip-8.2.0.WIN64.msi    ba4e155397a896b5bf9ffda7790c10b47459ba047385a53e7eb4838537b8a9dc
peazip-8.2.0.WINDOWS.exe    2212a2aceaf7780a0003d53b380873f6562930f9959e4a7468d57231adb69978
peazip-8.2.0.WINDOWS.msi    944cfeaa90cff6b698c3cc5606b271d5f3b131c74c02bb64d362596219306b1d

PeaZip 8 change log (current version)

2021 06 10 .. CURRENT

2021 09 12
(Linux) Upodated Brotli to 1.0.9 version
(Linux) Added read support (browse / test / extract) to Lzip .lz file type
Added support for .apkm, .apks, and .aab packages Android package formats

(Linux) maximum length of CL generated on Linux systems is now increased to 128 K characters in contrast to much more limited 32 K characters allowed on Windows systems
About screen now displays information about widget set and CPU architecture of the build for better troubleshooting
Improved command line usage
New res\batch\ folder containing sample scripts pointing to main app functions to help portabilize and deploy the application on multiple environments: the directory contains sample .bat scripts (Windows), SendTo menu links (Windows), freedesktop_integration examples (Linux) and will expand in future.
Fixed -add27z, -add2zip and related switches: when multiple items are passed the archive is named accordingly the directory name of first item, as in the GUI version of the same action
New -ext2here, -ext2folder (alias -ext2smart), -ext2newfolder switches for CL, executing single or multiple tasks as a single sequence of extract here, extract here smart folder, and extract here to new folder respectively
Extraction to new folder can now be forced to use smart folder option (-ext2folder, alias -ext2smart) or to not use it (-ext2newfolder)
With new extraction functions extraction of multiple items can run in a single instance without stealing the focus each time the next task in sequence is started
SendTo links to extraction functions are updated to use those new functions for better handling of queues of multiple tasks, now matching features provided by context menu entries but with advantages of being cross platform, not suffering artificial limitation of input items number, and being much more faster and cpu/memory efficient in receiving input list from system to application
Previous version of same switches, not running as a single instance queue, are available with "_" suffix, i.e. -ext2here_; in this way existing scripts does not need to be updated to benefit of new functions, but can be easily adapted to use old version of the switches if preferred
Improved generation of more compact command lines from GUI, with better detection of cases of automatic switch to "extract all"
Various fixes
Fixed breadcrumb for "Open unit as archive" in context menu, File manager > System tools
Fixed deselecting "TAR before" and selecting "Add each object to a separate archive" it is now possible to create multiple archive at once for types such as bz2, br, gz, zst

(Linux) Improved system directories shown by default in navigation tree on the left of file manager
(Linux) Updated list of apps automatically detected for Open with submenu; apps and scripts can be customized in Options > Settings, Applications tab
(Linux) Enabled System tools submenu in context menu > File manager
(Windows) Improved and re-organized System tools submenu in context menu > File manger
Improved archive browser
Added Method column to display compression/encryption method for each single object (this column is enabled by default)
Added Created and Accessed timestamps columns in addition to existing Modified timestamp column (those columns are disabled by default)
The new columns can be enabled/disabled from columns header's context menu, and from main menu > Organize > Browser > Columns; if enabled, those columns are automatically shown browsing archives and hidden browsing the fileystem
Folders in 7z/p7zip archives now show number of contained folders, files, and total uncompressed size (displayed in same column of files' checksums)
This feature is limited on basis of the number of items contained in the archive, and can be tuned from "Browser optimization" dropdown menu in Options > Settings, General tab Performances group
New Ctrl+Alt+A link to autoadjust file browser columns
Themes: added "Presets" link on the right of Application accent color picker, allowing to quickly customize both application and text accent colors accordingly to common color themes of reference Operating Systems e.g. Mint, Ubuntu, Windows

Added XZ (Linux, Windows) and Zstd (Linux) as optional algorithms for ZIP/ZIPX compression, from Advanced tab in archiving / conversion screen
Improved extraction
Added option to skip testing for encryption on extraction, suppressing password requests
Improved Interactive extraction option
Empty folder is now removed in case of error with Extract to new folder
Naming policy dropdown menu is enabled with "Interactive extraction", allowing to resolve issues of conflicting filenames in the same archive
New "Keep files" link in extraction progress windows in case of errors "Interactive extraction", allows to preserve extracted files which would be otherwise automatically deleted
New "Store all timestamps" option (checked by default) is available in Archiving / Conversion screen
If this option is active, created, modified, last access time are saved to archive rather than modified timestamp only; formats supporting this feature are: 7Z, RAR, ZIP
Improved raw file spanning, it is now possible to submit multiple separate input files at once to be split to specified size
Improved support for .xxxaa spanned files from Unix/Linux split command
New option for default behavior at application startup: Extract all here (smart new folder)
This option can be set from Options > Settings > Archive manager
Doubleclicking on an a file of associated type, or clicking Open from context menu on a group of selected files associated with PeaZip, the selected action is performed
Available actions: Open (default), Open as archive (force trying to open file as archive), Extract (showing options and confirmation screen), Extract all here, Extract all here (smart new folder)

(Windows) SendTo menu entries use new extraction functions, more efficient for handling queues of multiple tasks, and "Extract here (smart new folder)" replaces "Extract here (in new folder)"
With this update SendTo functions provides same features provided by context menu entries, but much more faster and efficient and without artificial limitation in terms of number of input items
(Linux) Improved Linux installers
install the app in /opt/peazip directory (non capitalized)
configuration files are saved in .PeaZip directory in user's home as in previous releases
link peazip binary in /usr/bin
place peazip.desktop file in /usr/share/applications
place peazip.png icon in /usr/share/icons, /usr/share/pixmaps for DEB packages
optional .desktop files and icons are available in (peazip)/res/batch/freedesktop_integration to provide direct access to specific functions even on DE not supporting Actions
(DEB) place machine readable copyright file in /usr/share/doc/peazip
(DEB) packages are now named following Debian naming standard; all other packages - Windows, Linux, portable - follows RedHat naming standard

2021 07 24
Pea 1.02
Improved speed of hex preview function, updated secure delete function
Zstd 1.50
(Windows) Tino Reichardt codecs for 7z v1.5.0r1
updates codecs to Brotli 1.0.9, FLZMA2 1.0.1, Lizard 1.0, LZ4 1.9.3, LZ5 1.5, Zstandard 1.5.0
(Linux) szcnick p7zip 17.04:
introduces support for Brotli, Lizard, LZ5
updates LZ4 1.9.3 and zstd 1.4.9
on Linux systems Brotli and Zstandard presets now points to single step compression in 7z using Brotli or Zstd compression (tar.br and tar.zst presets are still available as alternative)
(Windows) added support for system's Extrac32 as alternative CAB extraction engine
Extrac32 backend be enabled in Options > Settings, Advanced tab
CAB will be still listed/tested using 7z backend, Extrac32 (if enabled) will be used for for extraction operations

Various fixes
Improved performances working with archives containing large number of items (files, folders)
on 64K items archive 50% speed increase, -25% RAM usage
on 128K items archive 2x speed increase, -25% RAM usage
on 256K items archive 4x speed increase, -35% RAM usage
improved speed for listing archives, also minor speed improvements for test, archive and extract operations involving a large number of files

Added new user-provided themes: KDE Breeze, Oxygen
Improved browsing archives: clicking on root in breadcrumb bar now simply lists root content, while pressing refresh (F5) re-opens the archive, fully re-parsing the content
In case of spanned archive, the number of volumes actually found in current path (as required by PeaZip for extraction) is shown in application's title bar and status bar
Improved Settings
More flexible Browser optimization in General tab, Performances group
Reorganized various settings for better readability
Updated translations

Added support (as container files) to .whl Python archives and .gem Ruby gem archives
Added option to extract all, selected or displayed items to extraction dropdown menu, replicating Extract button context menu
Added actions to Test all, selected or displayed items in Test button context menu
Improved archive conversion procedure
Extraction stage is now shown as a single sequence of tasks, and main screen is hidden to reduce visual clutter
If errors are encountered in extraction stage it is reported to user, so conversion can be stopped (to correct errors) or continued if desired
Improved extraction command line creation: when all items are selected switch to a more compact command line using filters rather than item's list

Windows installer now supports command line parameter to set language during installation
language can be declared as last parameter, with or without "/" prefix
to identify the language please check the name of the language file in PeaZip\res\lang\ directory 

2021 06 10
PEA 1.01
Added exit codes to functions for easier integration with third party software and scripts
Running PEA in batch_report and hidden_report mode automatically saves task log without further user interaction
Fixed: hidden and hidden_report modes do not flash the GUI before hiding it
Updated online documentation at https://peazip.github.io/pea_help.pdf
CAB (Windows)
Selecting custom format (and deselecting RAR checkbx, if selected) in Advanced tab it is now available "CAB" preset in custom executable dropdown menu, to use Windows' makecab.exe utility (which accepts single files as input)

Various fixes and improvements

Added support for .xappx, and various Open Packaging Conventions filetypes (.3mf, .vsdx, .mmzx, .aasx, .slx, .scdoc) files, 218 file extensions supported
 by default support is read only, to enable write support check "Edit non-canonical archive types" in main menu, Options > Settings > Archive manager
Added text completion for search field
Checksum/hash files can now be set to perform a single algorithm (faster), by default SHA256
Performing all algorithms at once, or all common algorithms at once, is available as option in Option > Settings > File manager
Dragging a single archive file on file manager screen, the archive is now opened without requiring further interaction
Improved preview and open with functions
If nothing is selected, preview takes current directory as input
To avoid confusion with "Preview" actions submenu, "Extract and open with" sumbenu can now be enabled / disabled from Options > Setings > Archive manager
Improved random password generator in main menu, Tools > Create random password / keyfile
Default length is now 12 characters
Quote characters ' and " are avoided to keep the password console-friendly regardless the character escaping abilities of the scripting environment that will be employed by the user
Improved smart sorting of file names
Improved status bar
Browser modes "Details" and "Icons and images" can now be selected with a single click from icons on status bar
Style dropdown menu button on the left of browser modes icons, on status bar, allows to set most common UI settings fro a single, easily visible place:
set tool bar to archive manager, file manager, images manager
toggle tab bar on/off
toggle row select on/off
set browser preset modes
set themes
set side bar to navigation panel, treeview, or hidden
 Style menu entries are replicated also in context menu, Navigation submenu
Improved support for non-canonical archive types (containers, disk images, installers...) with new options in main menu, Options > Settings > Archive manager
"Browse non-canonical archive types" (default on) set those file types to be opened for browsing on doubleclcik in PeaZip file manager; unchecking this option those file types will be opened with associated application but can still be browsed on demand (as any arbitrary file type) using "Open file as archive" menu entry
"Convert non-canonical archive types" (default off) will treat those file types as archives in Conversion process (extract and recompress them), otherwise those files will be left unchanged and simply compressed in the desired format
Improved theming: can now optionally display grids with alternate color for better readability
Replicated link to Text encoding settings in main menu, Options; extended hint for custom codepage

Added "Force typing passwords interactively" option in password screen that forces to always type password in the native backend interface
This option allows to create scripts that will require operator to enter the password interactively rather than running unattended
Zpaq backend does not support this option
Backends not supporting encryption are not affected by this option
Please note this option forces console mode for backend utilities (except PEA, which is a graphic application)
With this option enabled PeaZip cannot browse archives with encrypted name of files (encrypted toc), but it is anyway possible to list/test/extract them
Can now edit existing 7Z-compressed sfx archives
Improved "TAR before" option, which saves multiple input to TAR archive before compression step
Option to delete original files now works whith "TAR before" option enabled
Tasks with "TAR before" option enabled can now be saved as command line
It is now possible to customize the default action to perform when a file type associated with PeaZip is double-clicked on the system (or any time a single file is sent as input to PeaZip)
In main menu, Options > Settings > Archive manager "Default action on start-up" can be set to
Open, default
Open as archive, force trying to open any arbitrary file type as archive
Extract..., show full extraction screen to enter password and change options before confirming extraction
Extract here, immediately start extraction with default parameters

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2008 03 21 .. 2010 01 26

Pea-Peach (PeaZip 0)
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