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PeaZip 64 bit 8.3.0
archive manager for Windows 64 bit


Free 7Z RAR TAR ZIP files opener for Windows 64 bit

Free file archiving application alternative to WinRar and WinZip

Open 7Z RAR TAR ZIP archives*

Software license: LGPL3, free of charge for any use
Supported systems: Microsoft Windows XP 64 bit
Vista/7/8/8.1/10 64 bit

free zip files opener

8.3.0 release SHA256 hash:

Download older versions of PeaZip on GitHub
portable winrar alternative
freeware portable rar utility
Download PeaZip for Windows 64 bit, free RAR ZIP opener application
Open Source, free WinRar, WinZip alternative file archiving application






Free 7Z RAR TAR ZIP files opener for Windows 64 bit

PeaZip is a free file archiving application (file compression, rar opener,...), cross-platform Open Source free alternative to WinRar, WinZip and similar software for Windows & Linux.

Compress / archiving to 7Z, ARC, Brotli BR, BZip2, GZip, PAQ, PEA, RAR, self-extracting archives, TAR, WIM, XZ, Zstandard ZST, ZIP file format.

*Open ACE(*), BR, CAB, DMG, ISO, RAR, UDF, ZST, ZIPX archives, 200+ file formats supported for decompression.

Extract, create and convert archive files, raw file split / join, create spanned (multi-volume) archives, supports strong encryption, encrypted password manager, secure data delete (unrecoverable, permanent erasure), find duplicate files, compute hash and multiple checksum algorithms, export scripts to automate backup and restore tasks.

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Please note that on current version of Microsoft SmartScreen, new packages of PeaZip (likewise many other software packages) may be reported as harmful software.
The only solution for this issue is to proceed with installation anyway (with "more info" or other version-specific links in SmartScreen) and possibly to help fighting false positives reporting the software as safe to Microsoft.
SmartScreen is a "reputation based" filter solely based on popularity of a package, and its rating is not presently influenced by quality factors as the software being published on a safe domain (including Microsoft-own ones like GitHub), supported by reputable package managers (including Microsoft winget) and reported as safe by antivirus (including Microsof ones...).

Free WinRar, WinZip alternative file archiving application

Free and Open Source (LGPL3) file archiving application featuring intuitive, easy to use GUI, Drag&Drop support both for extraction and archiving, and full Windows context menu integration, to provide an user-friendly Free Software alternative to proprietary applications like WinRar and WinZip.

Free RAR file opener, manage other proprietary formats like ACE and ZIPX, and can convert and replace them with non-proprietary alternative formats like 7Z, ARC, TAR, ZIP.

Provides top speed, best data compression ratio, stability, and security, relying on proven Free Software technologies from 7-Zip, Brotli, FreeArc, PAQ, UPX, Zstandard and other state of art Open Source projects.

free rar files opener


PeaZip is also available as MSIX app for Windows 10, as alternative to the classic exe installer which works on all Windows versions.
To install PeaZip as MSIX app you need to install, una tantum, PeaZip's .cer certificate which is used to sign the package.

PeaZip Windows app is a full featured Win32 x86-64 software and requires a full featured Windows system supporting Win32 x86-64 bit API, like most of the current Windows 10 systems, it does not run on systems limited to Metro / RT / Modern / UWP / Universal APIs - this is likely less than a problem now Microsoft is finally bringing full x86-64 emulation to Windows on ARM.

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Please be advised that PeaZip MSIX it is currently not published on Microsoft Store, but instead Microsoft Store (which in theory should host only applications that undergo a thorough validation process, and be closely monitored) hosted and is still hosting - notwithstanding multiple reports - various scam apps using PeaZip's name and logo, not preserving license files as required by LGPL3 license, and hijacking users to third party domains not connected in any way with PeaZip project: you are strongly advised to avoid those apps!

free rar zip files opener


As alternative, PeaZip is also available through new Microsoft Windows' package manager winget
  • PeaZip can be installed running "winget install -e peazip" command; -e parameters searches for exact match excluding extra applications erroneously matching on plain "winget install peazip" command
  • "winget show -e peazip" displays information for the last available version in winget package management system
With some versions of winget PeaZip can be installed only running winget as administrator, due a known winget install bug applying to various software packages.


PeaZip 64 bit is faster than the 32 bit version, and should be preferred on modern Windows machines.
PeaZip 64 bit archive manager utility is optimized for x86-64Intel 64 bit CPU platform / AMD64 architecture and it is meant only for Windows 64 bit (WIN64WIN64 applications platform) compatible systems.
On recent Microsoft Windows systems you can check detailed Operating System information of your device right-clicking the "Computer" icon on the desktop, "Properties" screen.

See complete change log and release notes for list of updates and new features of PeaZip for Windows 64 bit.
These downloads contain only free, safe software, Open Source under OSIOSI approved license terms definition: they does not contain third party sponsored offers (such as in-installer advertising) or any harmful software.
The application is fully functional, without any limitation: it does not require product key / serial number / password, it has no expiration term (by date or number of usages), and no type of "trial" limiting, nor in terms of maximum number of users / machines / concurrent sessions, nor in terms of program's features.
The application is released under Open Source license LGPLv3, that means this program is free of charge for any use (personal and professional, business and government, etc...), modification, and distribution.

PeaZip is a Free Software application, providing general-purpose user-friendly file archiving and file manager tools, focused on security features (strong encryption, secure deletion, file hashing), works as opener for RAR, ACE, ZIPX and other proprietary file archive formats and can convert them to alternative open formats like 7Z or ZIP, non encumbered by patents or licensing limitations, and can replace proprietary archive managers like WinZip and WinRar.

(*) ACE files extraction requires download of separate UNACE plugin (WinAce ace opener / extractor code licensing is incompatible with LGPLv3) available on add-ons page.
Creation of RAR archives with PeaZip is possible only if WinRar is installed in the system, because autonomous support to rar compression is not possible due to rar licensing restrictions. Extraction of new RAR5 is supported out of the box, from add-ons page it can be downloaded the alternative UNRAR / UNRAR5 plugin built on RarLab's (WinRar) unrar code, incompatible with LGPLv3, as alternative rar opener to 7z/p7zip open source unrar tool, if desired by the user.

Synopsis: Download page of PeaZip for Windows 64 bit (Win64) free 7z rar tar zip files opener application. Freeware file archiving application, Open Source alternative to WinRar and WinZip.

Free 7Z RAR TAR ZIP files opener for Windows 64 bit
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