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PeaZip screenshots: drag and drop extraction, context menu

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Drag & Drop extraction

By default, PeaZip fully integrate an improved implementation of native drag and drop on Windows platform, and also implements an optional custom drag and drop mechanism. Both options are fine tuned for the needs of archive management task, and provides security, stability, and speed improvements over standard system's drag and drop mechanism.

Options > Settings > General, "Use native drag and drop on Windows" switches the application between native and custom drag &drop mode.

Opening an archive file in PeaZip's archive browser allows to select content to be extracted through full-featured extraction GUI, or simply dragged to the system which results in direct extraction without further interaction requests.

Depicted in this screenshot, legacy custom drag and dropdrag and drop extraction extraction from archive browser to system, using PeaZip's custom drag and drop implementation (optional, default off) which shows its own drag and drop information box about destination target and content being handled by the operation. Please note that, by default PeaZip uses native Windows drag and drop, improved for providing optimal performances for archive's extraction.

drag and drop extract

Fast Drag and Drop extraction from archives

PeaZip drag and drop implementation is specifically fine tuned for extraction of large contents from archives, and substantially improvs the security, stability, and on certain circumstances the speed, over the standard, geneal purpose system's drag&drop implementation.
Standard Windows drag and drop implementation (taken as reference) needs the selected content to be firstly decompressed to a temporary system's path, then moved to the intended destination directory, which needs twice the data being written if the intended destination is not on system's disk.
Instead, PeaZip directly extracts the dragged content to the target path, so under any circumstance data gets written only once, and only to intended destination.

PeaZip's fast drag and drop extraction implementationbrings multiple advantages over standard drag and drop
  • speed: extraction is nearly twice as fast when the destination directory is not on system's disk, i.e. extracting data to different partitions, removable disks or usb keys, network paths...
  • stability: if large amount of data is involved, standard drag and drop will fail if system disk has not enough free space, while PeaZip's fast drag and drop extraction only requires sufficient free disk space on the intended destination
  • security: if encryption is involved, no orphaned plain-text data could ever be left on system's temporary path, as the decompressed and decrypted data extracted from the encrypted archive is written only on the intended destination path
Default option "Use native native drag and drop on Windows" mechanism brings additional advantages over the purely custom approach:
  • ease of use: native drag&drop is consistent with standard behavior of system and other Windows applications, while custom drag and drop can target only desktop or open folders with address bar enabled (standard on all Windows systems)
  • unnecessary levels of nesting of extracted files and folders are automatically removed when using native drag&drop

PeaZip free archiver utility also supports dragging files from system to application for archiving and extraction (if drag and drop source is detected being an archive file i.e. 7Z, RAR, ZIP...), and for plain drag&drop file copy.
Dragging files from filesystem to an open archive leads to archive update GUI for adding dropped files to the current archive, if format is write supported (i.e. add to existing zip, but not to rar which is a proprietary format supported only for decompression and test operations).

Compression and extraction from context menu

Screenshots of PeaZip contextual menuconetxtual menu extraction and SendTo menu entries, for performing straightforward archive creation, extraction and test archives operations, with minimal or no interaction with main program's GUI, simply right clicking on target 7z, rar, tar, zip... archives.
Extract... and Add to archive entries brings to main extraction and compression screens respectively, allowing to fine tune the action with all supported options (compression format and level, provide encryption password, split to volumes, delete original files after operation, etc).
Extract here and Add to .7Z / Add to .ZIP simply starts immediate extraction or archive creation in the selected format, applying default options, without requiring further user's interaction after right click.
On Microsoft Windows platform, system context menu entries (and file extensions associations) can be customized during installation or from Options > System integration to keep favourite compression, decompression, testing, encryption entries.
On Linux operating systems, FreeDesktop_integration folder contains sample scripts for integrating the application in system's contextual menus.

zip extraction from context menu

rar extraction from context menu

All PeaZip screenshots, on this page as well as on the entire domain, are free for any use under Public Domain license, please feel free to use them.

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Synopsis: Fast drag and drop extraction from archives with PeaZip custo, drag&drop extract implementation. Context menu integration to compress, test and extract archives from system's context menu.

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