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Notes about available PeaZip plugin modules


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Download and install a PeaZip plugin

1) Download the desired plugin for PeaZip

Download UNACE plugin for Windows and Linux

Download UNRAR5 plugin for Windows and Linux

Download Additional Formats Plugin for Windows and Linux

2) Open the plugin file, which is a TAR archive

The plugin TAR archive can be opened with PeaZip itself, or using any other suitable archive manager utility.

3) Extract the directories provided by the plugin in PeaZip's binaries folder (peazip)/res/bin/

This will add to the application the needed executables to manage the desired archive format(s) - please note some operating systems may require to manually set files as executables.

For PeaZip installable versions the binaries folder, where the plugin directories must be copied, usually is located in
/usr/lib/peazip/res/bin/ (Linux)
/Applications/ (macOS)
C:\Program Files\PeaZip\res\bin\ (Windows)

HINT: From PeaZip main menu > Help > About and from Settings > About, it is possible to directly open the plugin folder and to check installed plugin modules.

UNACE Plugin

UNACE Plugin handles browsing and extraction of WinAce's ACE file formatunACE tool and it is needed to open ACE files in PeaZip.
This package is meant to provide free ACE files support as separate plugin since UNACE is released by WinAce as royalty free, but closed source, freeware binaries, unacev2.dll version on Windows systems and corresponding ELF version on Linux systems; UNACE for Linux is a 32 bit executable, so on 64 bit systems it requires ia32-libs to extract ACE files.

free unace utility

WARNING: UNACE code is abandoned since 2006, and on Windows platforms unacev2.dll is known suffering critical security issues (e.g. CheckPoint, 2019 02 20).
Out of the box, PeaZip does not come with unacev2.dll (which requires separate manual download and installation from user) so it is immune to said vulnerabilities: UNACE plugin is provided as separate download, so it can be safely installed/uninstalled/removed separately from PeaZip without altering program's functionalities except for ACE files support.
No version of PeaZip will attempt to automatically download or install UNACE plugin, nor will use UNACE plugin (even if installed) to open ace files disguised for other formats
At current state, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to install and use UNACE plugin for Windows, if you have UNACE for Windows package installed it is recommended to uninstall it (or to manually delete unacev2.dll from peazip\res\unace\ directory); in Help > About screen it is featured a button for quick removal of UNACE plugin.
The Windows UNACE packages are here provided for legacy support only, with the recommendation to not work with untrusted ACE archives from untrusted sources; trusted legacy archives should be converted as soon as possible to better supported formats in order to remove dependency from the unmanaged closed source code.

UNRAR / UNRAR5 Plugin (optional, alternative rar extraction engine)

On Windows and Linux systems recent PeaZip versions use by default the 7-Zip / p7zip 15.06 (or more recent) unrar implementation, which is capable of reading (browsing, extracting) RAR5 format natively, so it is no longer needed to separately install this plugin - which it is still provided only as an alternative rar / rar5 files extraction engine.

UNRAR5 Plugin is meant to open RAR files built with most recent RARv5rar5 format standard file format specifications.
RarLab's unrar is royalty-free, and sources are available, but due to unrar licensing restrictionis unrar free software (licensing terms of source code prohibits making a tool that can create RAR-compatible archives) it is widely regarded is unrar free software? is unrar open source software? by Open Source community to not be OSI-compliant - and consequently needs to be deployed as separate add-on for PeaZip project.

Additional Formats Plugin

Additional Formats Plugin v6 contains binaries needed to work with additional formats supported by PeaZip: LPAQ1, LPAQ5, PAQ8F, PAQ8JD, PAQ8L (part of PAQ compression utilities family), QUAD and BALZ (browsing and extraction), strip and UPX (executables compression).
Content of this plugin can be simply extracted into PeaZip or PeaZip Portable path, into /res/bin folder.
It is also possible to selectively extract only the directories containing binaries to support desired formats.

Windows package contains both 64 bit executables (for most systems) and 32 bit executables (for legacy systems), in separate folders.

package contains also ARC, LPAQ8, PAQ8O, BCM, and ZPAQ, as those binaries were removed by some packages in order to reduce the dependencies for installation of the base PeaZip application.
Please note this package provides some x86 32 bit executable software, Linux x86 64 bit systems needs ia32-libs to run 32 bit binaries.

Other resources




PeaExtractor (LGPLv3)
Project page of PeaExtractor, free unrar/unzip utility, a simple wizard based archive extractor meant to keep the decompression process as simple and streamlined as possible for novice users without prior knowledge about working on compressed files.

PeaUtils (LGPLv3)
Project page of PeaUtils, free file management utilities suite, a simple GUI for checksum, hasing, file split & join, secure deletion and other tools for novice users without prior knowledge about such operations.

MyGodmode 1.4system utilities (LGPLv3)
Microsoft Windows system tweaking utility, enable God Mode folder (also known as "All tasks" or "Master Control Panel") displaying all system management tools in a single place. Installable and portable. For Vista and more recent systems.

dragdropfilesdll 0.12drag drop utilities (LGPLv3)
Lazarus/FPC sources to build dragdropfilesdll, a DLL meant to easily implement drag and drop files & folders from application to Windows system and other applications which implements drag and drop. It works either using already existing files as source, or waiting files for being created. Examples of use of the dll can be seen in PeaZip sources.

getclassname-ondroputilities (LGPLv3)
This little utility is meant to help developers to get the class name of an object and all of its parents: drag the cursor from the application's StringGrid to the target object in any third parts application to get the full class "path" of the object. The package contains compiled MS Windows binary and sources (Lazarus/FPC).


Various icons, logo, images, wallpapers are available in PeaZip resources directory.


SFX modules are used by 7z and FreeArc backends to create self extracting archives.
To use third parts SFX modules extract and copy the modules into "\res\7z" or "\res\arc" folder (depending if the target of the module is 7z or FreeArc) in PeaZip's path and rename them as existing SFX modules, ie. for 7z use 7z.sfx (conventionally, sfx module with GUI) or 7zCon.sfx (conventionally, sfx module with console interface).
Before that you may want to preserve a copy of original PeaZip's sfx modules copying them into another directory of your choice.

7-Zip compatible SFX modules

Extra SFX modules are available from Igor Pavlov's LZMA SDKsfx repository.

Synopsis: unace unrar / unrar5 plugin for PeaZip, portable add-on packages, additional sfx modules and other resources

Topics: optional plugin for PeaZip, unace, unrar

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