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How to extract multipart archives

How to open multi-part archives
How to extract multi-part archives






Open, extract multivolume spanned .001, part01, .r01, .z01 files

What are mult-part archives

Multi-part archives are, typically, .7z, .rar, .zip files spanned on multiple volumes, each volume containing part of the data split in order to be conatined in a size below the desired maximum size.
This spanning process allows the archive to:
  • be sent through channels enforcing a maximum payload size, e.g. maximum attachment size for some email providers, or maximum allowed file size for upload or cloud services
  • be saved on filesystems where maximum file size limitations are still relevant, i.e. FAT filesystems
PeaZip supports both creating spanned multipart archives, and opening and extracting multipart archives from different archive manager utilities in multiple formats.
The first volume, the one named with the lowest progressive number (usuallay starting from 1, seldom from 0) it is the part that needs to be opened or extracted in order to access the full content of the archive.
Most commonly multivolume archives are found with .001 extension (usually 7Z or ZIP files spannd by 7-Zip, PeaZip and similar apps), .part01.rar or .r01 (usually multi part RAR files created by WinRar), or .z01 (usually multi part ZIP or ZIPX archives created by WinZip).

How to open multi-part archives

From the system file explorer, or from PeaZip file manager double click (or right click > Open as archive) the first volume of the multi part archive.
In order to be able to list the entire archive content it is recommended to save all the parts of the spanned archive in the same folder.
The first volume of the archive is the one with the lowest progressive number, and it can be usually identified as .001, .r01, .z01, or .part01.rar, and other parts should show the same filename and extension type with progressively increasing numbering.
Once all archive parts are in the same directory, open the first part with PeaZip to be able to browse, search, list, test or extract the entire multi-part archive.

How to extract multi-part archives

extract multi volume archives

Move (or copy) all the parts of the multi-volume archive in the same folder before proceeding with extraction.
The spanned archies are usually 7Z, RAR or ZIP archives split in multiple smaller parts (volumes).
The parts have same name, same extension type, and shows progressive numberting: no part should be missing or else some of the original content will not be available for extarction

open multi volume archives

Open the first volume (part) of the smanned archive as explained in the previous section "How to open multi-part archives", or esle proceed to directly extract the first volume of the archive using one of the following available methods:
  • From the system file manager, righclick on the first volume of the multi part archive and use "Extract" or "Extract here" PeaZip's entry in system's context menu.
  • From PeaZip file manager, select the first volume of the spanned archive and click Extract button, or use app's context menu Extract entry
The first volume of the archive can be identified by the extension which is usually .001, .r01, .z01, .part01.rar.
If a password is required to extract an encrypted multi-part archive, it can be set from the locker icon in the extraction screen in PeaZip before confirming extraction with the OK button on the bottom of the application.

Learn more about how to use PeaZip archive manager to extract 7Z files, extract WIM files, and extract ZIP files.which are usually the archive type most commonly employed to distribute multi-part spanned archives.

Synopsis: How to extract multi-part 7z, rar, zip archives. Open and decompress multi-volumes spanned .001, patt01, .r01, .z01 files.

Topics: Open and extract multivolume spanned 7z rar zip archives

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How to extract multipart archives
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