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How to securely share files with PeaZip
How to safely share files with PeaZip






How to safely share files with PeaZip

Share, attach or upload files

PeaZip is a file manager and archiver utility, its point being consolidating multiple composite files in a single archive file so it is more handy to manage for any purpose, including saving, copying and sharing or sending the file, with any method as email attachment, ftp upload or other protocol such as torrents or p2p sharing, or cloud services.
Lern more how to create file archives, and how to zip each file in a separate archive.
Moreover, supporting high compression algorithms, output file is usually significantly smaller than the sum of sizes of input files, saving bandwidth and time both for uploading and downloading large files: read more about how to use archival formats providing best compression ratio: how to create 7z files, how to create Zpaq files.
Please remember that the recipient need to be able to open the archive of chosen format, so whenever unsure of the software available to the recipient it is adviceable to create Zip files (on Windows), or create Tar files (on Linux / macOS), because the ubiquitous support.

secure file upload

If a maximum file size limitation is mandatory, in example when attaching a large file to an email or uploading to a web storage service, file spanning feature can (in a single pass) create multiple split output file parts (.001, .002, etc), each one smaller than the desired size - compatible with Unix / Linux split command, and applications like HJSplit, and 7-Zip - to avoid risk of the payload being rejected by the service for exceeding maximum allowed size.
The integrated archive files conversion function ensure the ability to change the type of an existing archive, extracting and effectively re-compressing its content in the desired file format, in order to, in example,
  • transform old archives (as backup files) into a more up to date format either for improved compression or better security
  • the sender needs to share data with recipient users being able to read only a subset of the archive formats supported by sender's software
  • the sender needs to avoid the attachment being rejected by some services due security risk concerns frequently associated with some specific formats - i.e. Gmail and some email services rejecting encrypted zip files, being commonly used as vectors for virus, password protection effectively preventing in-archive malware scanning.
PeaZip also features strong file encryption protocols (AES for 7Z and ZIP; AES, Twofish and Serpent for PEA and ARC files), including encryption of table of content of the archive (encrypt the list of archived files and folders), in order to keep the content of the file private applying end to end encryption before sending data or use any cloud / upload service. Two factor authentication is optionally supported, to improve the security of password based protection, and an encrypted password manager is also featured to help safely storing multiple passwords.

Hint: to directly attach to email an archive compressed with PeaZip you can either
  1. select desired files, rightclick, and send them with "PeaZip" > "Zip and mail" system context menu entry
  2. alternatively, use "Send by mail" option in archive creation interface of PeaZip
in both cases remember to check maximum attachment size, and use file spanning (splitting) function if output archive is larger than allowed size

Cloud, synchronize data with PCs and other devices (tablet, smartphones)

PeaZip file manager / archive browser automatically detects local paths for mainstream cloud storage providers:
  • Dropbox

  • My Box Files

  • Google Drive

  • Microsoft OneDrive (previously SkyDrive)

  • Sharepoint Workspaces

  • Yandex Disk

Cloud based synchronization platforms allows users to store data on a remote network location that is mutually accessible by different devices owned by the user, like multiple PCs, smartphones, tablets/phablets etc, basically any device capable to connect to the Internet and run the file synchronization software, which for this reason is usually multi-platform and can run on Windows, Linux and Android, and Apple macOS and iOS.

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As additional endpoint privacy measure, PeaZip can encrypt files getting shared or stored on cloud services.

safe email attachments

PeaZip file manager shows available shared cloud directories in the navigation area (on the left of file browser), so shared files are quickly accessible.
Moreover, file compression/conversion and archive extraction interfaces shows shared directories in the dropdown directory selection menu, for quickly selecting sync folders as target for archiving and extraction tasks.
This is especially useful when sharing archive files with mobile or ultramobile devices not running a full featured file archiver (i.e. because some archive formats or encryption protocols are not supported, or because not enough powerful for convenient use of strongest compression algorithms, especially on very large archives, or because no viable freeware choices are available, or because locked for some policies), but fully capable to handle the content of the archive in uncompressed form.

Securely receive or download files

PeaZip support extraction of over 200 archive types, including most popular file formats used on the Internet and file sharing platforms like RAR, ZIP, ZIPX and TAR files, support decryption of password protected files and joining split set of files (.001, .z01, .r01 files).

secure file share

The application can scan for malware and virus inside received or downloaded archive files before proceding with extraction - last group of entries in PeaZip's "Test" context menu shows available antimalware / antivirus software that can be used to scan open archive, or scan multiple selected archive files before opening them in PeaZip, in this case if the security software supports reading that format.

safe file sharing

secure download

Many checksum and hash algorithms (CRC32, CRC64, MD5, SHA, SHA2, SHA3...) are supported by this application for file integrity test against known in order to detect file corruption or forgery in downloaded (or received) data, to avoid risks inherent in opening / storing corrupted, non verified files coming from the web or any untrusted remote source.
Confronting hash values can also help to find (and remove) duplicate files to save disk space.
Unreadable files can also be tested trying to open them providing a password, in case they are in fact encrypted files with changed extensions.
Same algorithms can also be used to de-duplicate files, searching for duplicate content in order to reduce disk space waste and make file collections more manageable after duplicate files gest removed.
Finally, secure deletion can take care of permanently remove unwanted files from disk making unfeasible recovery of the unwanted (or unreadable) files.

Read more on Wikipedia pages about cloud computingcloud serices, backupsecurity copy, and cryptographycryptography

Synopsis: Securely share files using PeaZip encryption, compression and file spanning features. How to safely download and uplad files, send and receive email attachments, use safe sharing and cloud services.

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