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Encrypt file names in archives, hide content

How to set to ask password for listing, browsing archive content
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How to set to ask password for listing, browsing archive content

Hide name of files in archives

Under some circumstances, when protecting archive files with encryption, it can be recommended to encrypt the list of files featured inside an archive to hide it from unauthorized users, in order to disallow showing list of archive content before providing password, otherwise, even if the file data itself is encrypted, readable filenames can leak hints to attackers about the nature of the archive.

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How to encrypt filenames in archives with PeaZip

To prevent this kind of information leak and make archive table of content (TOC) unreadable without knowing the password, disabling listing of the archive when the user will try to open the encrypted archive file, it is possible to set a password for listing archive content.
Click on the padlock icon to set a password (and optionally a keyfile) for the archive and check "Encrypt also file names" option in the password dialog.

Browse archives with hidden file list
This will require the correct password to be provided opening the archive, before being able to show name of files in archives.
The padlock icon to set password for archive / filenames in archive, can be found in the status bar, in the file/archive browser, or below the output field in the archive creation interface

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hide names of files inside archives

Support for encryption of archive's table of content depends on the archive format design: this feature can't be added to formats lacking it by design, as enforcing it on the archive manager will enable the attacker to bypass this "protection" simply using a different software to list the archive's content.

encrypt archive TOC table of content

What formats support hiding names of files in archive

Encryption in standards employed by PeaZip supports in different ways the encryption of file content:
  • ZIP and ZIPX formats lack this feature, meaning this setting will have no effect, and archive TOC will always be readable before providing the correct password even if the data is encrypted
  • 7Z, ARC, and RAR formats support encryption of filenames in archive, so if this option is in use the archive content will be hidden unless correct password is provided for browsing it
    • in order to create encrypted RAR files with PeaZip WinRar must be installed in the system, autonomous write-support for rar format is not possible due to rar licensing limitations
PEA and ZPAQ format, by design, will never display content of an encrypted archive until correct password is provided, and no option is provided to otherwise allow listing of password-protected files. Using those archive formats, providing encryption is in applied, name of files in archive will always stay hidden until password is verified.

Learn more about working with archive formats supporting filename encryption: manage encrypted 7Z files (optionally with filename encryption), manage encrypted ARC files, manage encrypted PEA files, create and modify encrypted RAR files from PeaZip GUI if WinRar is installed in the system, manage encrypted ZPAQ files.

Synopsis: How to encrypt name of files inside archives, hide (make unreadable without password) TOC list. Disallow listing archive content. Disable browsing inside archives. How to set option to ask password for showing content of 7Z PEA RAR files.

Topics: encrypt file names, so opening the archive requires password for listing archive content

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