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How is encryption applied to files in archives

Mainstream archive formats (including 7Z, RAR, and ZIP / ZIPX) supports file level encryption, which means a single archive can (potentially) contain files encrypted with different passwords, and even mix encrypted and non encrypted files - updating existing archives let user provide an arbitrary password at each instance. Learn more about how to create encrypted archive files with PeaZip.

Change or remove encryption password from existing archives

Extraction of data from encrypted archives requires the appropriate password being provided to the decryption procedure, consequently working with an archive protected by different passwords for different group of files it needs to separately, selectively, extract each group of file with the right password.
To set encryption / decryption password in PeaZip, click on the padalock icon.

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how to remove password of rar files

This also means it is not possible, by design, to implement a fast password-changing or password-removal mechanism in archive formats supporting this feature.

Fast password modification mechanisms usually rely on encrypting data with a random system-generated password, which is then encrypted with actual user-provided password, and finally added to the header of the file. Changing the user-provided password would then be possible simply decrypting and re-encrypting the header area containing the random system-generated password (used to encrypt the actual data).

A similar mechanism to replace / remove password in header would not support encrypting single files with different passwords (or let them unencrypted) as required by 7z, rar, and zip standards, which results in fast password modification mechanisms being ruled out by design.
Consequently, the standard way to change password to existing archive, or to remove password(s) is to:

change rar password

extract the old archive, providing the needed current (old) password(s) - the password that will be replaced

how to change zip file password

re-create the new archive, providing the new password - if you want to remove / reset password simply omit it

Both steps can be time-consuming if large archives are involved - as, basically, to modify password the existing archive needs to be extracted with the old password and re-created with the new password.

How to change password of existing archives with PeaZip

PeaZip can help in each step of password change / password removal process, allowing to extract multiple files at once (even mixed types), and to create multiple separated archives at once, flagging "Add each object to a separate archive" option. This allows to work on batches of files at once.
Convert archive files function can help automating password change / password removal procedure: flagging "Change password" switch the user will be asked to provide a new password to be applied to archive(s) being converted - simply set no new encryption password for password removal.

remove password of existing archives

Add password protection to archive file
Adding a password to unencrypted archive(s) is inherently simpler - as the program does need to know old password(s) - and can be automated using archive conversion procedure. In this case it is sufficient to add archives(s) to conversion procedure, and set a password, to have archive(s) extracted and the re-created with encryption.

PeaZip can save current task as batch script, in order to help automating recurring works, please note passwords will be saved - in order to have batch password-change process run unattended, without asking for user interaction, namely typing the password - so batch scripts containing saved passwords must be securely managed.

Encryption standards supported by PeaZip for changing or removing password form archive

PeaZip supports creating encrypted files under following standards - which can be set as destination formats when changing archive password:
  • 7Z with 7-Zip / p7zip AES256-based encryption

  • ARC with FreeArc AES256, Twofish256, Serpent256, and Blowfish algorithm
  • PEA with PeaZip AES, Serpent and Twofish (128/256 bit) EAX-mode authenticated encryption
  • RAR wirh AES128 (RAR4) and AES256 (RAR5)
    • to enable rar write support in PeaZip, WinRar needs to be installed on the machine due rar licensing limitations
  • ZIP and ZIPX with WinZip AE (Advanced Encryption), AES256-based, or ZipCrypto (for legacy support only)

  • ZPAQ AES256-based encryption
This utility also supports, only for extraction, decrypting password-protected ACE, RAR, and ZIPX archives.
Those formats can only be used as sources, not destinations, when replacing password - as the destination of password change needs to be a format supported for writing - so in this case archive type conversion to a fully supported format is required to modify the password protecting the data.

Read more about how to work with encrypted 7z files, with or without "encrypt file names" option, encrypt / decrypt pea files, and work with encrypted zip files (or manage encrypted zipx files which are compressed with non-Deflate algorithms).

Synopsis: How to change or remove encryption password for existing encrypted 7Z ARC RAR ZIP archives with PeaZip. Automate changing password with archive conversion tool, decrypt and re encrypt files to modify (replace) current password, or remove encryption.

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