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bz2 file type

What is BZ2 extension, BZip2 compressed file format

Bzip2 compression algorithm
What are .BZ2 compressed file type features and specifications.






BZ2 extension

BZ2 extension designates a pure data compression format not providing file archival feature, its BZip2 compression algorithm is based on Burrows–Wheeler transform.

Compressed files are usually identified by .bz2 extension, and can contain a single input file.

TBZ / TAR.BZ file extension
Due this by-design limitation, on Unix/Linux systems BZip2 compression (as well as Gzip, XZ,...) is usually cascaded to TAR archive creation -  multiple files data and metadata (file attributes, date/time etc) are consolidated into a single uncompressed .tar container - producing TBZ2 file, which can be identified with TBZ, TB2, or TAR.BZ2 extension.

PeaZip features creation and extraction of BZ2 files, can read (open, test and extract) and write (compress to) BZ2 file type. Also, PeaZip can be set to use BZip2 compression as alternative algorithm for ZIP and 7Z formats, in Advanced options tab.

what is BZip2 compression algorithm

bz2 format specifications

BZ2 file format specs

Compression speed is somewhat slower than in zip format and gzip format, which employs classic Deflate algorithm (even if correctly implemented Bzip2 algorithm can be easily made parallel, and benefit of recent multi-core CPU), but faster than more powerful compression schemes as in RAR format, 7Z format, and new ZIPX format (which can optionally use BZip2 algorithm as compressor).
Compression ratio, also, is usually intermediate between older Deflate-based ZIP/GZ files and modern RAR, 7Z, ZIPX formats.

Use of BZ2 and related file types

bz2 file type

When is BZ2 compression recommended

BZip2 compression is usually applied to TAR archive format, which is usually employed to provide archiving of data and metadata on Unix and Unix-like systems as BSD, Linux and macOS, and it can also be used as alternative compression algorithm in ZIP and 7Z files - resulting archives can be read from most file archivers (including PeaZip).
It can be recommended when it is desired a better compression than classic Deflate-based ZIP / GZIP compression, and in all cases it is preferable an algorithm faster and less heavy on memory and CPU than LZMA-based 7Z or PPMd-based RAR compression.

bzip2 files

Read more about .bz2 file type on BZip official domainBZip online, and Burrows–Wheeler transformBZip2 compression entry on Wikipedia.




Author Julian Seward, 1996
limited to 1 single file as input

SPEED bz2 format specs
BZ2 format features good speed. Designed with parallelism in mind bzip2 compression can be, theoretically, implemented as separate threads for each input part.

COMPRESSION RATIO bzip2 algorithm specs

BZ2 format features good compression ratio, improved over Deflate but lacking behind modern compression algorithms employed in RAR and 7Z formats, recommended for backup large quantity of data as intermediate alternative between fast zip/gzip and powerful rar/7z compression.

ADVANCED OPTIONS bzip2 features

BZ2 format is meant only for providing single-file compression, lacks archiving and encryption features by design.

Synopsis: What is BZ2 file format extension. Bzip2 compression algorithm. What are .BZ2 compressed file type features and specifications. TAR.BZ2 and TBZ archive formats.

Topics: BZ2 file extension specs

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bz2 file type
bzip2 compressed files
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