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What is BR format, Brotli compressed files

What are Brotli compressed files features and specifications
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BR extension

BR extension designates a pure data compression format not providing file archival nor encryption features.

Brotli-compressed files are usually identified by .br extension, and can contain a single input file; to overcome this by-design limitation PeaZip automatically cascades Brotli compression with TAR archive creation if multiple files or folders are sent as input for BR file creation, resulting in a archive.

TAR.BR extension
In this two step process, input files are consolideted in a single TAR archive (very fast, as no compression is involved), which is then compresed by Brotly in the second step. On a related note, this procedure improves compression ratio over compressing each input file separately, read more about this topic on solid compression page.

PeaZip features creation and extraction of BR files, can read (open, test and extract) and write (compress to) BR file type relying on official Google's Brotli implementations for Windows and Linux systems.

what is brotli compression algorithm

br format specifications

Brotli compression format characteristics

compression algorithm was developed by Google continuing and superseding previous Zopfli project (which was meant for compatibility with standard zlib GZip /  Deflate specifications) in order to provide a more flexible compression algorithm, capable both of high speed at low compression settings, and improved (better than Deflate) compression ratio at higher compression settings.
Extraction of Brotli-compressed files is also extremely fast.
For its extreme data compression and decompression speed, and low CPU and memory usage (if compared to Deflate, or more powerful compression algorithms such as BZip2, LZMA, PPMd, PAQ) Brotli is a competitor of Facebook's Zstandard compression algorithm.

Use of BR file format

br file extension

When is Brotli compression recommended

Google Brotli compression should be considered as viable alternative to Zopfli and Deflate (Gzip, ZIP) when maximum compression / extraction speed and efficiency is desired.
Both Brotli and its competitor Facebook's Zstandard outperforms classic zlib / Deflate in fast, near real time data compression and decompression.

br file type features

Read more about .br file type on Google Brotli official repositoryBrotli online, and Brotli algorithmBrotli compression wiki entry on Wikipedia.




Authors Jyrki Alakuijala, Zoltán Szabadka (Google), 2013
limited to 1 single file as input

SPEED brotli fast compression

Brotli excels in fast compression and clearly outperforms classic Deflate providing comparable compression levels.

COMPRESSION RATIO Brotli algorithm performances

Brotli algorithm provides flexible compression, with good compression ratio (improved over Deflate) at higher compression settings.

ADVANCED OPTIONS brotli features
BR format is meant only for data streams or single-file compression, lacks archiving and encryption features by design.

Synopsis: What is BR file format extension. Google's Brotli data compression algorithm speed and compression ratio. What are Brotli compressed files features and specifications.

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brotli format specs
br file extension
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