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ZST file extension

ZST file extension designates a pure data compression format, not providing file archival or encryption features.
The input data is compressed with Facebook's Zstandard algorithm, a new flexible design that at lower compression settings provides faster than Deflate (Gzip / ZIP) performances and at highest compression settings provides compression ratio comparable with 7-Zip's LZMA (.7Z).

PeaZip features creation and extraction of Zstandard files on Windows and Linux systems using Facebook's ZSTD implementation, and can read (open, test and extract) and write (compress to) ZST file type.

zstd extension

ZST file format specifications

Features and goals of ZST file format

A goal of Zstandard design is near-real time extraction, performing very fast (faster than Gzip / ZIP) and with small variations in decompressing ZST created with lowest or higher compression settings.

Zstandard implementation, ZSTD, making use of multi-threading parallelism and on recent multi-core CPUs currently outperforms single-threaded Brotli implementation at similar levels of compression.

Use of ZST file format

Due to  the by-design limitation of being a single file compressor, PeaZip uses Zstandard compression cascaded with TAR archiving in order to consolidate multiple input files / folders into a single container, which is then compressed originating a .tar.zst file.
Zstandard-compressed tar archives are sometimes identified by .tzst file extension instead or the composite tar.zst extension.

what is zst file format

When is Zstandard compression format recommended

Zstandard algorithm is very flexible and can provide a wide range of compression levels with reasonable performances, but excels when fast compression is desired, reaching Deflate-level compression ratio in significantly shorter times.
Also, extraction is very fast and outperforms alternatives, making it an excellent choice where extraction speed are important and where decompression tasks are more common than compression ones.
zst files features

Read more about .zst file type on ZSTD official repositoryZstandard online, and ZstandardZSTD compression entry on Wikipedia.




Authors Yann Collet, Przemysław Skibiński (Facebook), 2015
limited to 1 single file as input

SPEED Zstandard compression format specs

ZST format can reach very high compression and decompression speed. Designed making use of parallelism of modern CPUs, ZSTD implementation is significantly faster than Deflate while providing comparable compression levels, and is still efficient at higher compression levels.

COMPRESSION RATIO Zstandard algorithm specs

Zstandard flexible compression scheme allows to provide both very fast compression and to reach LZMA-like compression ratios at higher compression settings.

ADVANCED OPTIONS zstandard features
ZST format is meant purely for providing fast data or single-file compression, and lacks archiving, encryption features by design.

Synopsis: Zst file extension. Facebook's Zstandard single file compression format specification and features in terms of compression speed and compression ratio. What is .zst file type.

Topics: ZST file extension specs, Zstandard compression format

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zstd file type specs
what is zstd extension
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