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ACE file extension, WinAce archive format

ACE file extension

what is ace file format
what is winace archive format




ACE extension designates a file archiving and compression format developed by Marcel Lemke for WinAce, a shareware closed source software released as GUI program for Microsoft Windows platform only (unace de-compressor is available as command line tool both for Windows and Linux platforms) developed as early alternative to PKZip / WinZip ZIP format.

ACE standard features a compression ratio higher than ZIP file format (similar but usually inferior compared to RAR format) and supports quite robust 160bit Blowfish encryption, implementation based on Bruce Schneier's Blowfish symmetric-key block cipher, developed by Schneier before AES process candidate finalist Twofish cipher.
Read more about .ace file type: WinAce softwarewinace wiki, Blowfish cypherBlowfish cypher wiki, and ACE file extensionACE format wiki Wikipedia pages.

ace file type

PeaZip features read-only support for ACE format (open, browse, extract ACE files, and convert existing .ace archives into any write supported archive format), and due the closed-source nature of the software it is required the separate UNACE Plugin.
On Windows platform UNACE plugin is based on unacev2.dll, the last component made officially available from WinAce team, that is currently abandoned and unpatched since many years ago, and known to be not longer safe to use due critical unpatched vulnerabilities.
Out of the box, PeaZip does not come with unacev2.dll (which requires separate manual download and installation from user) so it is immune to said vulnerabilities. No version of PeaZip will attempt to automatically download or install UNACE plugin, nor will use UNACE plugin (even if installed) to open ace files disguised for other formats - e.g. changing file extension.
Help > About screen reports if UNACE plugin is installed and features a button for quick removal of the plugin.

ace file format features




Author Marcel Lemke

SPEED ace format features

Ace format features average speed. Compression and decompression are more computing intensive than in ZIP format.

COMPRESSION RATIO ace format specifications

Ace archives features an average compression ratio. Provides better compression than Deflate-based ZIP, but inferior to modern formats as 7Z and RAR.

ADVANCED OPTIONS ace format specs

Ace format features a reasonable choice of advanced options. Developed as capable all-around replacement for ZIP format, but not updated in recent years.

Synopsis: What is ACE file format, native WinAce archives type extension. What are ACE files features and specifications. in terms of compression ratio and speed, advanced options, encryption.

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what is ace file format
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