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PeaZip 9.8.0 release brings new Themes, improved flat mode (display all archive content at once), and the ability to directly extract all or selected items to any path in bookmarks, history or breadcrumb without further confirmation.
Direct extraction is implemented in app's context menu in "Extract to" submenu, and it is also available as command line switches for scripts and for system integration (context menus, SendTo items, .desktop files, Automator scripts).
Sources are compiled with new Lazarus 3.2, and are still compatible with Lazarus 2.x line.

A total of 234 file extensions can now be opened as archives by PeaZip.

Translations are available in over than 30 languages, any help is welcome to translate PeaZip to new languages and to maintain current localizations up to date, so please consider taking the time to give a look to translations repository for newer language files and for any resource useful for translators.

SHA256 hash values of 9.8.0 packages

Hash value of each package in each release is now published in the 9.8.0 SHA256.txt file of the release.

PeaZip 9 change log (current version)

2022 12 18 .. CURRENT

2024 05 11
Pea 1.18

Code cleanup
Compiled with Lazarus 3.2, sources are still compatible with Lazarus 2.x line
Various fixes
Fixed directory name sorting which for some widget sets was wrongly displayed in treeview and breadcrumb dropdown menus
Fixed drag and drop extraction failing for some paths (Windows)
Fixed inability to browse symlinked directories on Windows (other systems are immune from the issue)

Added "Always browse archives in flat view" option switch in main menu > Browse and app's context menu > Navigation
Added Comment, and Info functions to Status bar context menu, to improve its usefulness in providing information to user
Improved direct extraction of archives from context menu
From context menu "Extract to" submenu it is now possible to directly extract all or selected item(s), without further confirmation, to any output path in bookmarks, history or breadcrumb
Extract here links (optionally to smart folder or to new folder) can now extract all or selected items
In the dropdown menu of Extract button are still available "Extract all" entries
Selection and navigation submenus in extraction and archiving screens are now organized in same way of extract here submenu: bookmarks are shown first, history, session history, and breadcrumb are shown in History submenu
Rename dialog now allows to directly switch to Move to dialog (change file path string rather than file name string)
Updated themes
New Mac and Tux themes
Old themes and additional custom themes are still available online, clicking "Check for Themes" button on Themes screen
(Windows 10+) The application, which by default follows system colors, can be manually forced to light or dark mode, regardless system mode, creating an empty file named "light" or "dark" in the same path of the executable (not integrated with themes due to technical limitations)

Added new command line switches, which can be used both in scripts and for system integration (context menus, SendTo items, .desktop files, Automator scripts)
-ext2neutral directly extracts archives in current path applying the "new folder" policy as defined in PeaZip app (non, new folder, smart new folder, or force new folder)
-ext2downloads, -ext2desktop, -ext2documents directly extract archives in Downloads, Desktop, or Documents path (applying app's new folder policy)
-ext2bookmark(1..8) extract archives in the path of the bookmarked item number 1 to 8
Windows context menu versions of those switches begins with -ext2multi instead of -ext2
Created sample scripts (.bat, .sh), W11 mini-context menu entries, SendTo items, .desktop files and macOS service menus for -ext2downloads, -ext2desktop, -ext2documents switches, in (PeaZip)/res/share/batch directory

2024 02 14
Added "Requires restarting PeaZip" hint missing in some controls
Created SHA256.txt file containing SHA256 hash of each package in the release
Fixed Options links, now always open General tab as expected
Fixed restart loop switching off history checkbox, improved code against occurrence of similar issues
Fixed symbol lookup error experienced in some Linux ditributions with Qt5 packages
Fixed usupported compression method eoor experienced extracting source package using some unzip utilities

Updated translations     

2024 02 11
Brotli 1.1.0
Pea 1.17
Zstd 1.5.5
7z 24.01 beta successfully tested, but not included as backend due its beta status

Compiled with Lazarus 3.0, but still compatible with Lazarus 2.x line
Improved loading of translations
Can now load language files encoded as UTF8, and as UTF8-BOM (preferred)
Improved support for old translation files not matching with application's version
Various fixes
Fixed -ext2simple bug, the switch is now properly working
Fixed Qt5 seection issue, the file browser in details mode is now set to row selection

Smart filename sorting can now be turned on/off form Options > Organize
(Windows) PeaZip now supports the Windows 10 and newer systems Dark Mode using zamtmn metadarkstyle.lpk, thanks to user contributed pull request 114.
Classic dark themes / high contrast mode is still supported on all Windows systems
(Themes) Improved "Button" alternative Tab style
Vertical tabs in Options screen are now themed accordingly to theme's tab style

Improved the scripting generation engine:
In Console tab af archiving and extraction screens it is now available a new option for the scripting engine to use strdin/stdout pipe for creation and extraction of compressed TAR archives, so no intermediate TAR file needs to be saved on disk during those operations
This option does not apply to the GUI app itself (which launches the operations as distinct single processes), but only to scripts generated by the application, which can be saved to run independently in console instances
The option applies only to formats handles through 7z / p7zip backend
For extraction operation, the option applies only a single or multiple archives are sent to extraction scren, not while brosing a single archive (either for partial or total extraction)

(Linux) It is now available PeaZip Portable for aarch64 Linux, the first test release was released built on previous version's code
(Windows) Improved Windows 11 mini-context menu entries, now displaying correct PeaZip icons; sample scripts to integrate PeaZip with W11 mini-context menu are available in the app inside the subfolder (peazip)\res\share\batch\Windows\Windows 11 mini context menu
(Windows) Packages and configuration wizard built with InnoSetup 6.2.2 

2023 12 17
Pea 1.16

(Windows) All context menu translation .reg scripts in (peazip)\res\share\lang-wincontext folder are now encoded as UTF-16 LE
All scripts are now exported as UTF-8 encoded files, without BOM
Improved integrity self-checking of app's binaries
Libraries (.dll, .so, etc) and sfx modules are now checked (as for executables, matching SHA256 hash values with whitelisted known values)
(Windows) dragdropfilesdll.dll is now automatically checked at application's startup

Improved file / archive manager
Added an icon-only Compact sidebar displaying links to most commonly used system paths
Compact side bar can be set visible / hidden separately from the main Side bar
The Compact side bar is mainly meant for use when Side bar is hidden or in tree view mode
Improved browsing archives with some specific TOC issues (duplicated entries for same item, duplicates names with different cases)
Improved smart sorting of file names
Improved theming
All alternative tab styles (Button, Links, and Tabs) can now ne either centered or left aligned
Link tab style is now rendered with graphic as the other styles
Introduced profiles to store all configuration data (everything in conf path - except Profiles subfolder) to be loaded / saved in a single pass, either for different users or for different purposes, or to easily export all the conf data to another machine
Profiles are stored as *.profile.7z archives in "Profiles" subfolder in conf path and can be optionally encrypted with password/keyfile
It is possible to load / save profiles from main menu, Options
Various fixes and improvements
Fixed breadcrumb issues in full screen and immersive modes
Improved handling encrypted ARC files
Browsing ARC archive with encrypted filenames now correctly triggers password request
Extraction from context menu now correctly triggers password request, and can be terminated by the user if wrong password is provided
Input name and path is now correctly reported during archiving / extraction / list / test operations

Improved archives extraction, "Extract then move to destination" is not applied when extracting to new folder, as naming conflict analysis is not needed

2023 10 22
Pea 1.15 from checksum/hash screen context menu can now save selected CRC or hash values for all listed files, compatible with Coreutils sha256sum and similar utilities

Improved memory management and listing algorithm
Updated Browser optimization levels to more efficiently scale for browsing archives containing a very large number of items; for 256K items archive as reference:
  Up to -10% memory usage (in Always pre-parse mode)
  Up to +25% browsing speed (in Normal browsing mode), up to +50% browsing speed (in Always pre-parse mode)
  New quicker Fast browsing mode with pre-parsing applied only if errors are detected opening the archive
 Up to +60% speed for tasks working on multiple separate small archives
7z alias is now applied also when using system's binary
It is now possible use binaries in system paths (e.g. as found in $PATH) for all supported Operating Systems
The option can be set for 7z / p7zip backend only, or for all backend binaries
The option can be hardcoded at compile time with HSYSBIN constant, 0 (default) means the value is not hardcoded and the option is read from configuration
The option does not apply to specific binaries which are meant to remain in app's own path: peazip binary itself, pea, PeaZip configuration wizard (Windows), and legacy binaries in unace and urar5 plugins
Improved batch command switches for archive creation
Added -add2arc, -add2sfxarc, and -add2rar switches (usable in batch scripts, context menus, .destop files, Automator scripts) to directly add items to ARC, self extracting ARC, and RAR archive (needs WinRar rar.exe or equivalent being available in the system)
Those switches can be used in .reg files in the add2multi* form
Removed legacy code for functions of -add2* and -add2separate* switch groups
Various fixes and improvements

Adder quicker control to change ZIP filenames encoding
Codepage can be selected from a list in main menu Options > Text encoding, from file manager's context menu, and from archiving / extraction context menus
The last item in list "Text encoding..." brings to Settngs, Advanced tab which shows all text encoding options
Improved detection of empty archives
Improved tabbed browsing
Added option to Save tabs (switch in tab bar context menu)
If the option is checked open tabs will be saved on exit and re-loaded when the application is opened again
It is now possible to define at compile time the maximum number of allowed tabs with MAXTABN constant
Can now reopen last closed tab
Updated main theme and default system icons
main theme now shows extension text into image of most common archive formats (7Z, RAR, ZIP)
main-noextension theme and system icon pack are now available separately from Themes and Icons repository

Fixed working dir parameter for ARC format, some forms of the address were previously not properly supported by the backend
Improved task scheduler with better usability of the Pause button when running multiple fast tasks
Improved extraction context menu, more elements are now available when extracting items from archives, previously those elements were available only when extracting entire single or multiple archives

2023 08 19
Pea 1.14

Expanded and re-organized (peazip)/res/share/batch directory with scripting and system integration examples
New sample scripts and system integration items are now available for directly creating archives in main supported formats, and for adding/removing comments to archive
Scripts are now sorted in "bat" and "sh" subfolders
Windows Sendto links and .reg files for context menu entries are now collected in "Windows" subfolder

Added support to Apple iWork IWA file formats, .numbers, .pages, .key (Keynote)
When "Try to open archives with errors" flag is set, errors are suppressed only for listing operations, so the app can now display error messages when previewing a file (e.g. wrong password)

Added pre-set split size for Blu-Ray DL, XL3, XL4
Added function to add, edit, remove archive-level comment in RAR and ZIP/ZIPX files
Keyboard shortcut for comment editor is Alt+M
Comment can be set for the archive being browsed, or for one or multiple archives at once (even of mixed types), in this case the same comment is set for all the selected archives
Comment can be manually edited or loaded from text file (selected from dialog or dragged on the form), and can be saved to text file for future use
Comment con contain UTF8 characters and are limited to 64 KB for all formats (RAR standard would allow 256KB comments but some Rar.exe versions does not support 64K+ comments), please note some other archive managers may not support UTF8 comments, or such large comments
RAR comments limitations
Writing comments to RAR archive requires Rar.exe or equivalent installed on the system, reading comments does not require Rar.exe
Cannot currently read comment from multi volume RAR archives, and from legacy RAR4 archives (but new comment can be written)
 ZIP/ZIPX comments limitations
Consistently with 7-Zip and WinRar, comments are not supported for spanned multi-volumes ZIP/ZIPX archives
 It is possible to set comment from command line scripts with following syntax:
 peazip -setcomment commentstring archive1..n
 peazip -setcommentf commentfile archive1..n
 peazip -removecomment archive1..n
New switches to directly add files and folders to Brotli, BZip2, GZip, TAR, WIM, XZ, Zstd, and Zpaq format archive, with latest options saved for selected format
Directly add files and folders to archive in the specified format, with latest options used for that format (-add2zpaq switch sets last used *PAQ format), TAR is automatically applied when folders and/or multiple files are sent to formats which supports single file compression (Brotli, BZip2, Gzip, XZ, Zstd)
Syntax: peazip (-add2brotli -add2bzip2 -add2gzip -add2tar -add2wim -add2xz -add2zstd -add2zpaq) file1..n
If no input file or folder is provided after the switch, the archive creation screen remains open for input
The switches can be used in scripts, and for system integration (links, .desktop files, Automator scripts)
Same switches in -add2multi* form can be used to integration with Windows registry

(Windows) Add to GZ, XZ, and Zstd are now available as choices in Context menu entries screen
(Windows) A single re-configuration wizard now works for Win32 and Win64 packages  

2023 06 25
7z 23.01 (Linux, macOS, Windows)
Pea 1.13

(macOS) Fixed conditional startup actions on input (open, extract, extract here...)
Added column to display file-level comment in archives (default hidden)
While browsing an archive, the information popup (clicking on status bar) shows if the archive type can be edited in PeaZip
Updated Themes
Added contrast setting to Themes
Theme packages now contains customizable, 32 bit PNG icons for archive file types
Alternative themes with different icons for archive types are available selecting Custom in Theme dropdown menu
New system icons packages are available to change system icons accordingly to themes, anyway icon files from theme packages can be used for system integration on Operating Systems accepting icons in PNG format

Added checkbox to manually set RAR binary for Custom / RAR compression format
This setting will allow Windows users to locate WinRar Rar.exe executable more flexibly than automatic search, and non-Windows users to set up RAR compression using Wine or other alternatives
(Windows) Work path free space is reported in archiving and extraction screens info box, clicking on the status bar
(Windows) Free space on output path and work path (if applicable) is checked before starting archiving and extraction operation, and user is warned if free space may not be enough
Fixed crash if the app is forced to extract to a read only path
Working directory for ARC compression is now changed accordingly to 7z/p7zip backend working directory
Correct handling of .tar extension in output file name upon extraction to new folder, if item with same name exists in the destination

2023 04 23
(Windows) updated McMilk 7z codecs v1.5.4r4: Zstandard v1.5.4, Brotli v.1.0.9, LZ4 v1.9.4, LZ5 v1.5, Lizard v1.0, Fast LZMA2 v1.0.1
(Windows) updated 7z sfx modules using ones from McMilk's 7z fork v1.5.4r4, supporting extra compression methods
Can now use zpaqfranz as alternative backend for .zpaq format
To use an alternative zpaq fork rename the binary as zpaq and replace the zpaq binary in (peazip)/res/bin/zpaq/ directory

(macOS) Fixed open custom applications
Fixed compression method is now saved accordingly for 7z sfx format and 7z format
Re-organized Help section with quicker access to online updates, Plugins, Themes, and Translations
Privacy and Security section in main Settings tab, collecting all relevant functions, including Updates

Minor modification to themes and icons
Address filed can now set window color plus button color (new), window color plus accent color, button color (default), and accent color
New Compact mode for the tool bar, tool bar icons (for archive manager, file manager, and image manager) are showm on the right of the address bar while the tool bar is hidden
Themes were updated
In (peazip)/res/share/icons are now available alternative Windows icons with extensions, can be useful if file extensions are hidden on the host system
New options in Main menu, Organize
Tab bar can now be swapped with Address bar to be shown on the top (as common on Windows file managers) or on the bottom (as common on Linux and macOS file managers)
Breadcrumb bar can be shown as plain text address field, KDE/Windows file managers -like breadcrumb (default), classic Gnome Files -like, Gnome 4 -like, and macOS Finder -like.

Can now set a custom alias name for 7z / p7zip binary, to make easier to use an alternative backend, in Options > Settings, Advanced tab
Improved "Edit non-canonical archive types" (Options > Settings, Archive manager tab), provided the target file structure can be actually read/write supported
Can now edit existing files in non-canonical archives
Can now keep browsing files opened as archives after edits
Fixed: adding/updating files in non-canonical archives now targets the intended subfolder inside the archives
Fixed: (Windows) non-canonical archives without extension can now be edited
The option is now applied to unknow file types only, to avoid editing known formats not supporting the operation
The option now allows to treat non-canonical archives as 7Z, ZIP (default), TAR, or WIM files, to support even more derivate container formats

Added Convert scripts and context menu entries for all platforms in (peazip)/res/share/batch path

2023 02 26
Improved Backend binaries option group in Options > Settings, Advanced tab
Added option to adapt the syntax for a specific 7z version at runtime, syntax can now be set to 21.07 release (avoiding switches introduced later), in order to improve portability of the app to platform not having latest 7z build available, or when it is preferred to adhere to an older syntax to maintain compatibility with legacy systems
Option to use the system's version of 7z backend, rather than the one provided by PeaZip package, is now supported on all non-Windows systems; a binary or a link named 7z in system's paths is required for this feature
Pea 1.12

Various fixes and code clean-up, improved support for BSD systems

General usability improved with easier to spot open in a new tab, open in a new window controls, made easier to open console in current path, and made easier to access to clipboard content
Improved smart filename sorting
Improved search in archives, Simple search directive (can be toggled on / off from Organize menu) now applies globally for searches in archives as well as in the filesystem
Simplified finding duplicate files and calculating files hash/checksums in the file browser
In Options > Settings, File manager tab it is now possible to set the file deduplication mode, fast (default) or complete file content parsing
Updated layout for options in all screens (archiving, extraction, settings...)
New "Enlarge file browser icons" switch in main menu, Organize to use larger icons in all modes of the file browser
Updated Themes and graphic
Themes screen layout simplified with less frequently used settings moved in Advanced group
Zooming option can now both reduce and increase size of graphic elements
Major restyle of themed and non-themed icons to better match the UI of modern systems
Updated all Theme packages

Adding files in subdirectories of existing archives now displays the internal (in-archive) destination path in confirmation dialog
Can now export as CLI scripts the archive conversion tasks defined in the GUI
"Archive conversion scripts allow user's interaction" (default on) in Options > Settings > Archive manager, Archive group, allows to interactively customize conversion tasks saved as scripts when launched, otherwise the task will run as batch requiring no interaction and applying current application's settings
Improved archiving and extraction screens
"Extract then move to destination" setting moved to main extraction screen for better visibility
Added link to working folder settings (in Settings, General) on the right of the control
Set default output path for archiving and extraction moved in archiving and extraction context menus for better visibility
Improved responsivity of Windows context menu, 15 - 40% faster than 9.0.0 release
Improved auto extraction of compressed TAR archives
Added progress bar for the auto-untar step after de-compression
Auto-untar step is cancelled if the task ends in error or is cancelled
Fixed auto-untar function when extracting multiple archives at once
Improved support for Brotli and Zstandard
Can now set option to force overwriting existing files from extraction screen
Fixed extraction of Zstd files with long distance matching (windowLog > 27)
Maximize Zstandard compression option now sets --long=31 instead of --long=27
New option to exclude empty directories form archiving and extraction operations (7z / p7zip) in Options > Settings > Archive manager

New PeaZip Portable package for BSD systems (GTK2, x86_64)
(Linux) Updated KDE 5 Dolphin service menus in (peazip)/res/share/batch/freedesktop_integration directory
(Windows) New actions for Windows 11 mini context menu in (peazip)/res/share/batch/Windows 11 mini context menu directory

2022 12 18
Pea 1.11

Fixes, clean up of legacy code
Improved progress bar
Improved speed and memory usage
about 10% faster using 10% less memory opening 250K items archive
about 3x faster adding files to archiving / extraction layout from some method which were previously poorly performing (e.g. drag and dropping files to archive)
removed performance bottleneck on selection of large group of items in the browser

GUI better adapts to size and preference changes
Address breadcrumb adapts the number of displayed items on the width of the application window to improve usability
If the Tool Bar is hidden, main functions (add, extract, test/list submenu) are shown on the right side of the Address Bar alongside Style menu
From main menu > Organize it is now possible to set "Sort dirs before files" (as common on Windows file managers) or not (as common on macOS and Gnome)
Selecting one of the available tool bars (archive manager, file manager, image manager) restores its visibility if the Tool bar is hidden
Style menu "..." on the right of the tool / address bar now can alternatively display the main menu in form of popup menu
Navigation menu can now toggle side bar (navigation, treeview, hide), and display Headers context menu
Add and Extract actions are now featured at the top level of "Open" group in side menu and of "Open" submenu in navigation bar

Added new options for 7z/p7zip backend
Added option to do not modify last access time of input files
Added options to do not follow symbolic links / hard links (save as links in archives) for WIM and TAR archives
Added option to limit maximum memory usage during compression
Re-organized 7z/p7zip advanced options in archive creation screen
The new options are still not available on macOS, as an older 7z version is available on that platform, not fully supporting all the new features
Improved support for TAR format, and for formats used in combination with TAR
"TAR before" action now applies full advanced options
Improved generation of scripts with "TAR before" option enabled
Compressed TAR archives can now be optionally extracted in a single step (atomic tar extraction)
The new option is available in main menu, Options > Settings, Archive manager tab
This behavior can be set separately for extraction and for archive conversion, which comprehends a preliminary extraction step
Improved support for ZPAQ and *PAQ formats
zpaq archives are tested for encryption, to ask for password if necessary when opened, extracted or converted
zpaq-specific options are now shown in extraction screen (no longer needing to go to Advanced tab) whenever a .zpaq archive is opened, or listed for extraction
it is now possible to extract zpaq archives to absolute, full or relative paths
it is now possible to preview content of zpaq archives if a single file is in the archive and extraction option is set to relative paths
it is now possible to preview content of paq8 archives if a single file is in the archive
Updated compression preset scripts
Updated plugin for PeaZip
Plugin are now provided as tar archives, to install a plugin extract the content to (peazip)/res/bin/ directory
From Settings, About tab (also available from main menu Help > About) it is possible to directly open (peazip)/res/bin/ directory and to verify installed plugin
From the About screen it is now also possible to check hash of binaries used by the application against known hash values, as in main menu > Tools submenu

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