What are ISO, DMG, UDF, VMDK disk images         

What is ISO file format. DMG UDF VMDK extensions

What is ISO file format. DMG, UDF, VMDK extensions

What is ISO file type
What are ISO files features and specifications




PeaZip supports reading .ISO and other common disk image formats, such as Apple DMG (commonly used on macOS / OSX operating systems), UDF, and viewing many virtual machine disk image types including VMDK VMWare virtual disks, QCOW2, Oracle VDI, Microsoft Virual Hard Disk VDH files, as well as general purpose image formats as IMA, IMG, and MDF.
Burning ISO or other images to CD/DVD supports is currently out of the scope of the application, and it is not implemented.
PeaZip also features support to reading and writing WIM files, new Microsoft Windows Image Format for data distribution based on disk images, superseding older CAB packages format.

ISO DMG UDF VMDK extension

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External online resources about image file types: DMGfree dmg utility Apple Disk Image, ISOfree iso utility, UDFfree dmg utility Universal File Format entries on Wikipedia, VMDKVMWare image file format file format and Open Virtualization Format OVFvirtual machine disk standard initiative.


DMG extension designates Apple Disk Image format, commonly employed for software and data package distribution on macOS / Mac OSX platform, storing content in Universal Disk Image Format (UDIF data format).
PeaZip supports opening (mounting), browsing and extracting content from DMG disk images, but cannot create dmg packages, nor update existing dmg files.


Uncompressed sector-based imaging format storing binary digital copy, sector-by-sector, of an optical disk support, filesystem agnostic (may contain in example an ISO 9660 file system, as well as other file systems), commonly used to save as single archive file a data CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray disk.
PeaZip supports opening (mounting), browsing and extracting content from iso disk images. Creation of ISO images, or burning disk images to physical media supports, is beyond the scope of the program.


UDF extension designates Universal File Format, an open standard (ISO 13346, created by Optical Storage Technology Association) for data storage, developed for overcoming limitations of older ISO 9660 standard.
PeaZip provides read-only support for that file type; the application supports opening (mounting), browsing and extracting content from udf disk images.

Other disk image formats

PeaZip supports (read-only) multiple virtual disk imaging types, as IMA, IMG, IMZ, MDF (Alcohol 120 image files), and many virtual machine disk formats like QCOW2 (for QUEMU full-system emulator), VMDK (for VMWare virtualization software family), VDI for Oracle VirtualBox, and Microsoft Virtual PC's Virtual Hard Disk format VHD.

Synopsis: What is ISO file type. What are ISO files features and specifications. What are Apple DMG, UDF, VMDK disk image formats extensions. FAQ about disk image file types specs.

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